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Beauty of Reality
Photo: Rui Saraiva
I was reading my devotional book this morning, the one I’ve been reading for the past two years. It is by Eugene Peterson, the amazing author, poet and writer who’s also the translator of The Message paraphrase of the Bible. It spoke about the poor and it was simply titled, “The Poor.” Perhaps he did that on purpose to help us realize how simple our calling is. But as Peterson mentions in the short, thought-provoking piece, we humans and Christ-followers, become unaware of the reality in which we live. We try our best to mask the hurt, the pain and the suffering that surround our lives.

My friend returned from a mission trip to Africa a few weeks ago. I sat across from her, as four friends met for dinner to catch up. I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of her experience. Seeing the tears well up in her eyes made me realize that she had become aware of the inexcusable, yet uncontrollable suffering that exists in this world. She had come to an awareness that the world does not start and end around the life we live within our neighborhood. There is a vast world out there filled with people who are dying, both physically and spiritually.

Africa Experience

I thought to myself, do I have to go through an “Africa experience” to become aware? To start seeing people who are starving and barely breathing? Do I need to go on a mission trip to become aware? Perhaps some of us do. But perhaps it’s simpler than we think…perhaps it’s as simple as starting to view the world through the eyes of our Creator.

The verse that Peterson uses in the devotional comes from Galatians 2:10, and it says, “The only additional thing they asked was that we remember the poor, and I was already eager to do that.”

I love the last part, “and I was already eager to do that.” Wow! That’s what I need to pray for God to give me—eagerness and awareness. Awareness doesn’t come easily. Sometimes we’re so unaware we can't snap out of it. Sometimes it’s too scary to think of living life completely aware of our surroundings. Sometimes we aren’t eager to live the reality of life.

My prayer today is to come out of the coma and start living and seeing. To become aware of not only who I am in Christ, but how Christ living in me changes the way I see the world.

May we be eager to fully throw ourselves into the work of the Master. May that be the reality that we choose to live in.

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