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Life for Sale!
Photo: Guy Sagi
Ian Usher was selling his entire life—and no, he wasn’t joking either. He was dead serious. Life had gotten a little out of hand for this 34-year-old Australian man. His wife of 12 years had left him, he was working at a dead end job that wasn’t panning out, and all he could seem to do was mope around thinking about how lousy his life was. Ian decided to do something radical.

He sold his entire life on the auction site eBay. He sold his house, his car, his jet ski, his furniture, his hot tub, everything—including a list of all of his friends. The fortunate winning bidder even got a chance to try out his job that he was leaving.

There were  a few caveats in the sale though. He didn’t sell his identity, his passport, his Australian citizenship, or his personal details. These items were off the market, but everything else was fair game.

I was intrigued by this man’s decision to sell his entire life. When it was all said and done, the final price was a paltry $300,000 for everything, and it barely covered the value of his beautiful home. All his work, all his material possessions, everything that he had put effort into—it was all gone.

When you consider the reality of what Ian gave up in exchange for the money he received it all seems rather futile. However, there are many people who are just like him, only they sell themselves on the installment plan. They don’t get a lump sum like Ian did, they “piece meal” it over a lifetime.

Strive and Work to Get to Top

They strive and work to get to the top. In a proverbial way, they dig and claw through life to make a little bit more. And what do they get when it’s all over? The same deal as everyone else! Check out this verse from the book of Ecclesiates:

“Life, lovely while it lasts, is soon over. Life as we know it, precious and beautiful, ends” (Ecclesiates 12:6-7).

It can be difficult to contemplate such weighty issues, but sooner or later we all have to come to grips with the simple and profound truth that life is quite short. If the only thing we accomplish while we’re here is to accumulate a few material possessions, the eternal mark that we leave when we’re gone will be minimal.

In the same book, King Solomon tells us that life is really supposed to be about having a tight relationship with our Creator. It took Solomon a lifetime of chasing the “installment plan” method to finally recognize this simple truth. We can seize it right now. It’s real, it’s right, and it lasts forever.

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