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Stirring Up the Nest
Photo: Ned Horton
“An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.” – Sir Winston Churchill

You loved being a parent. You loved watching your kid grow up and go through all those fascinating stages of development. You cried with joy through the milestones of graduations from Kindergarten, eighth grade, 12th grade and even college. With some quiet and guiltless joy, you looked forward to the day when your kid actually moved out of your home to be on his own. He did move out. He even got a place of his own. He paid his own rent, bought his own food. He bought his own car and paid for his own insurance. The golden years have begun, or so you thought.

The shrill of the telephone brings you back to reality from your daydreaming. It’s your son. He lost his job, he’s moving back home.

“Life is ten percent what you make it, and ninety percent how you take it.” -- Irving Berlin

A blessing in disguise

My son had to return home for awhile due to circumstances beyond his control. Actually, I was delighted, and at the same time understood his need to have a place of his own as soon as his could.

While Wes applied for jobs applicable to his education and skills, I bought a large home that was cosmetically challenged, and Wes went to work for me learning new skills in remodeling. We were able to help each other. He repaired the home, and I prepared his meals and gave him a bed in which to sleep. (We also enjoyed each other’s company!) Six months later, I had a lovely home which I was able to sell and make a large profit, and Wes found his dream job in a nearby city.

If your kid has to come back to the nest for awhile no matter the reason; discuss with him some short term goals and support him emotionally in taking action and moving forward. Stirring up the nest again can be a really good thing, for you and for your kid.

“There is no danger of developing eye strain from looking on the bright side of things.” --Unknown

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