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Doctor in the House?
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We are all subject to suffering in this world. But there are some wonderful little secrets from nature that can help keep us young and strong longer. Nature's secrets are really nature's doctors. Let's take a look at how regular house calls by these doctors can help us.

Dr. Rest is probably the most ignored doctor of all. We seem to think that as long as we are still standing upright and drawing breath we can keep going. But unlike the energizer bunny, we do not run on batteries that can just be thrown away and replaced. Our bodies need rest, and it's not only important to get quantity of rest but also quality. Adults should get a good eight hours of sleep at night, preferably having at least two hours of that before midnight.

Dr. Good Food.  A commitment to eat more naturally is a great step in holding on to youthful health. Spend the biggest portion of your grocery bill in the produce section where you'll load up on whole foods, fiber, and vitamins and minerals that are in the food and not just added to it. Consider eating less animal products. Studies have documented that vegetarians not only live longer, but their quality of life is better.

Dr. Fresh Air and Dr. Exercise work closely together as wonderful companions. I love an early morning walk because I can combine exercise with fresh air. The fresh air clears my head and the exercise energizes me more for my day.

Dr. Water is extremely important as our bodies are made mostly of water. We need water both on the inside and the outside. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Swimming is a great way to use water for the outside of your body as the movement of the water massages your muscles and gets your blood circulating.

Dr. Sunshine is not as respected as it used to be due to information we have gained about skin cancer. Nevertheless, the benefits of sunshine are as true as ever and staying out of the sun can be as unhealthy as getting too much.

Dr. Temperance is simply self-control. The Bible recommends that we stay away from things that are not good for our bodies and that we do the things that are good for us in moderation. It's a pretty simple prescription if we will follow it.

Dr. Faith is the specialist. Exercising our faith in God can not only keep us healthy spiritually, but physically as well.  People who depend more on God, depend less on counterfeit helpers like alcohol and cigarettes. Having faith also boosts your immune system.

God has lovingly provided through nature an entire health system to keep us healthy and active and full of life. It is good to educate ourselves about health and lifestyle. An excellent handbook that I have in my library is Proof Positive by Dr. Neil Nedley, which includes a wealth of information from nature's eight doctors.

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