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A House Built on Sand
Photo: Dreamstime
My wife and I were exploring one of the beaches on Florida’s beautiful West Coast. We had wandered far from the place where we were staying. As we came to a densely wooded remote area, we were startled to see a beautiful modern home in the woods a short distance from the shore.

Well, it had once been a beautiful home. As we came closer, we saw it had been abandoned. The roof had fallen in. The house had been completely flooded. It was a total wreck, obviously the result of a storm with its accompanying high waters.

We wondered why anyone would invest a fortune in building their home so close to the beach on the Gulf of Mexico. I’m sure the view was spectacular, not to mention the enjoyment of walking right out your door and onto the beach. But when the winds and the waves came, all the good times came to an end.

Dream Home

As we stood there, silently surveying what was left of someone’s dream home, I couldn’t help thinking of a Scripture which says: “But anyone who hears my teaching and ignores it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand. When the rains and floods come and the winds beat against that house, it will fall with a mighty crash” (Matthew 7:26, 27, NLT).

These words of Jesus aren’t just talking about the proper method of house construction. We are all building every day—a building others may not see. We are building a house of character. Your character is who you really are, deep down inside as opposed to reputation which is who people think you are. Character is what you do when no one is looking. But God can see.

If you build your character on the solid rock of God’s Word, you will be able to weather all the storms of life that will sooner or later come your way. Spend time in Bible study and prayer every day and ask for God's help in building a sound character, one you are not ashamed for Him to see.

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