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Seeing Clearly
Photo: Ken Hurst
Okay, I'm finally convinced! I need glasses. Rather, I need to wear glasses.

I remember when I got my first glasses a couple of years ago. I became quickly frustrated. I didn't like wearing them. I hadn't worn glasses my whole life and they were a nuisance to me. I also lacked patience adjusting to the hide-and-seek bi-focal portion of the lenses. So, I gave up on them.

“I can see okay without them,” I told my friend Sherrill. “I don't need them enough to put up with them.”

“You will,” she said simply.

"No, I won't," I thought to myself.

But Sherrill was right— not immediately, mind you. I remained stubborn for some time, squinting during night driving and blinking deeply while reading small print. Finally, however, I had to admit it was time.

The turning point came when I was calling tech support for my computer and ended up hearing a sultry voice on the other end offering to assist me in a very non-tech support style! Disgusted, I hung up and redialed. Again, the sensual voice.

One Little Number

I don't believe it! I ranted to the recording, positive that the mix-up in numbers had to be the fault of tech support. I decided to go online to the tech support website and contact them that way. Boy, was I going to fill them in! How could they not be aware that the number they were giving to people was leading them to the disgusting recording that was still lingering in my ears. I found the number on the website and, lo and behold, it was the same as the one I had been using. The only problem was I had mistaken an 8 for a 6! Oops! What a monumental difference one little number can make in actually connecting with the person you are intending to reach. What a completely different picture can be presented when one isn't seeing clearly!

So now, I admit that I need glasses in order to clearly see what I'm doing. I also realize that I need God's Word to help me see clearly as I make decisions in my life and in my daily walk with Jesus. What a difference one decision can make if my spiritual sight is blurred. A lack of God's Word in my life can end up leading me to a very unexpected destination. The Bible provides spiritual eyesight for a clear vision of what my path should be.

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path" (Psalms 119:105).

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