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Forever Young
Photo: Gulcan Y. Sumer
As a middle-ager, I can't help being reminded from time to time that I'm not turning out to be an exception to the aging process after all. Bummer! Like when I step out of bed and catch a glimpse of prehistoric man in the mirror. Okay, not quite as hairy, but how did I get that slumped posture? Or when I ask my hair stylist to give me a Farrah cut and she has to consult Wikipedia.

However—I recently had an epiphany (something that happens as we get older). It came to me as I was having my private prayer time. I was quoting scripture and asked God to recreate me, to take away all self-created parts of me and replace them with a new creation. I asked God to create in me a new heart and a new mind and to make me the person that God intends rather than the person that I may create by my own feeble powers.

Pitiful Job of Creating Myself

I came to ask this prayer of God as I realized that I often do a pitiful job of creating myself. I'll bet you do too. Think about it. I know that we all need to have goals and ambitions and we need to motivate ourselves to succeed. That's understood. But I'm talking about the core of who we really are. Don't you ever feel that when you try to create yourself, you end up with too many mouths and not enough ears? Or too many fingers to do things, but not enough thumbs to hold on? And then there are the times when we are trying to walk on one foot because the other one is stuck in one of our mouths!

That's why it's so much better to have God create us. And if God creates us new every day, we continue to stay young. Our bodies may age, but our spirits are forever young! When we give God total control of who we are every day, we can be new and vibrant with all the right number of functioning parts to serve our Creator effectively and joyfully.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

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