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Are You Lost?
Photo: David Hernandez
My sister and I were excited. As small town kids, we were headed for the big city with Dad and Mom on a shopping trip. We enjoyed the sights and sounds. The day passed all too quickly.

Our parents had to make a stop, and told Sis and me to stay in the car. I had overheard Dad tell Mom they had to get back to the car before time was up on our parking space. He said he didn’t want the police to give him a ticket for over-parking.

After a while, I got worried. Then I saw an officer checking all the cars. When he came to our car, I told Sis we’d better go find Dad and Mom before the officer came back. I thought finding them would be a simple matter. But after searching for them in a number of stores, I decided we’d better go back to the car.

But to two small children, all the cars looked alike. We were lost. For a while, I tried to hide my fears from my little sister. After all, I was Big Brother, and two whole years older. But when I saw her tears, all my bravery melted away.

Kind Store Manager

Then a kind store manager saw our despair and let us wait in his store while he looked for our parents. After quite a while, Dad and Mom came walking through the door. When they reached down and took our hands, it was probably the closest to heaven two small kids could get in this world.

You know, it’s bad enough to be lost and realize it. But, in a way, it’s worse to be lost and not know it. How could that be? Many people, without realizing their danger, get lost in addictive habits and lifestyles destructive to health and happiness. And, sadly, they don’t know how to find the way out. Still others are lost and wandering in confusion about the real meaning of life. They get jerked around by the confusing ideas and beliefs  in today’s world.  They don’t see anything to really have faith in. They need God in their lives, but don’t know how to find Him.

Here’s a great promise Jesus gives us: “If you really want to obey God, you will know if what I teach comes from God or from me” (John 7:17, CEV).

So, if you really want to find your way home to God, He’ll make the way plain. Whether we realize it or not, we’re all lost without God. He says, “…When you get serious about finding me, and want it more than anything else, I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed” (Jeremiah 13:23, The Message).

God is standing by you just now. He’s found you. Just reach up and take His hand. He will never let you go.

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