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Poison in the Bottle
Photo: Ieva Geneviciene
It was a warm summer afternoon. Just waking a nap, Nora decided to freshen up by taking a cold shower. It was just around the time the baby was due for her bottle. Nora asked her younger sister who was visiting her, to prepare the bottle. Laura quickly made her way to the kitchen. She looked in the pantry for the formula, but instead of one can, she found two. Two identical cans! Both were half full. Both contained a yellowish powder inside. So, she took out the can and dropped the formula into the warm milk…one…two…three teaspoons of powder. She mixed it well for a couple of minutes. When it was done, she poured the mixture into the bottle and shook it for just a couple more seconds.

From her crib, the baby anxiously awaited the arrival of her bottle. Laura gently took her in her arms, sat in the rocking chair, and began to feed her.

The sound of the running water created a relaxing drowsiness in Nora. As she got out of the shower, she felt perfectly happy and refreshed. She checked to see how the baby was doing and began talking to her, as all mothers do. Suddenly Nora grabbed the bottle from Laura's hand! The baby started to cry inconsolably.
"Laura? Nora screamed. Why doesn’t the milk mix with the formula? Which can of formula did you use? Where did you get the formula from?

"But…Nora… What’s going on?" Laura answered in a quavering voice. "I got it from the can you had in the pantry. You store them there, right?"

The two of them were crying. Actually, the three of them! Nora ran to the kitchen and brought back the cans asking Laura which of the two she had used. "Did you use the one that was on the left of the pantry, or the one on the right?" The young girl didn’t know what to say.

Rat Poison

Nora told her that someone had given her a small amount of rat poison, stating that it was much more lethal than those found in supermarkets. Without considering the possibility of anyone confusing the two, she had put that toxic powder in an empty baby formula can! Laura was now crying hysterically, while attempting to calm the hungry baby.

Nora quickly dressed and along with her younger sister, took the baby girl to the nearest hospital. They examined the infant for two hours, running all kinds of tests until they finally gave her a bottle of milk. She was so happy!

The doctor told Nora that although the baby had ingested three-quarters of the poisoned bottle, she was in perfect condition. The poison had not caused any damage. 

"Can’t you see, doctor? A miracle has occurred in this town!  My little girl has ingested three spoonfuls of a lethal poison and she has not died or gotten sick. Today, God has performed a miracle, doctor!"

"Well, I’d say she was extremely lucky, ma’am. As a doctor, the only thing I can be sure of is that the child is in perfect condition. A miracle? Well…go with God, ma’am!"

God performs miracles today. You might not even know all the times He has intervened so that no harm has come to you or your loved ones.

Look for His guiding hand in your life? Pay close attention. You just might see the ways God guards your every step.

“I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me. I will not fear the tens of thousands drawn up against me on every side” (Psalm 3:5-6).

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