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Bare Feet
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We are fortunate these days to have so much helpful information regarding how to stay and feel young through avenues of diet and exercise. If we are wise, we will put this knowledge to practical use. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel young? Who doesn’t want to remain productive?

Aside from diet and exercise, however, there are still other ways to stay young. Ways that have to do with the concept of “by beholding, we become changed.” In other words, whoever we hang around with eventually rubs off on us. It’s very true, too! For example, I recently became the director of the Eager Beavers club at our church, which is an extension of the worldwide Christian scouting group called Pathfinders. My group consists of kids ages 5-7. Each time that I’m with them, I come away more cheerful, more honest, and more youthful! 

At our last club meeting, it happened that I was the only adult who could attend. It worked out fine, though. The kids and I read our story about how beavers work so hard and then we built miniature lodges in order to see what their homes really look like from the inside. Cool, huh? Well, being little kids, they like to take their shoes off, so I let them. But while we were working on our craft, one of the girls pointed to me and squealed with complete glee, “Look! She isn’t wearing her shoes either!” Hey, she was right! I wasn’t!

Right Along with the Kids

I couldn’t help feeling that just that once, it was great being the only adult present with these children. I mean, if other adults had been there, they might have made me feel self-conscious about singing our theme song so loudly. They might not have eaten cookies right along with the kids, crumbs and all. They might have made me put my shoes on! As it was, I got to be a kid without really noticing that it was happening. And most important, we were all kids of the King.

There are so many opportunities for service, which actually bring to us a renewal of youthful vigor. It may be in the form of reading a book at your public library’s story time for children. It may be tutoring students with their school work, and most schools are more than happy to involve volunteers in mentoring programs. How about planting a community garden with youth volunteers and selling the produce for a worthy cause? Actually, volunteering to any age group can help us stay young. Why? Because the secret ingredient is service. Helping others in some way sparks life into the heart, and the heart then takes that renewed blood to the rest of the body.

If you think that you are unable to serve others, please reconsider. Ask God for opportunities and ideas. Even if you are physically bound to one place, remember that there are people in the world who have no one praying for them. They desperately need your prayers of intercession. So, if your circumstances keep you in bed, then use that bed as a place of prayer and feel that youthful feeling of helping someone in need course through your own veins.

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