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The End of the Road
Photo: Jakub Pavlinec
My family and I were returning to our home state after living elsewhere for a few years. During our absence, a new interstate highway system had been constructed. Even though we were tired after traveling all day, we were enjoying the ride. It was like traveling in a different world.

As we approached one of the state’s major cities, I called to my wife and children, “Look at this! We’re actually riding above the city streets, instead of having to get down in all that traffic! This is great!

Suddenly, my words were interrupted by a loud thud, followed by a violent lurching. I struggled to keep our car under control, as we came to a quick stop among piles of sand and earth-moving equipment. We nearly got stuck in the deep sand.

No Warning!

What had happened? The smooth, new concrete pavement had abruptly ended. Just like that. No warning. No flashing lights or barricades. The road had simply run out. My immediate reaction was, "They can't do this! They can't just end the highway without a warning!" But they had done it.

As I searched for some way out of the mess, a verse of Scripture came to my mind: “Sometimes there is a way that seems to be right, but in the end it is the way to death” (Proverbs 16:25).

One thing is for sure: many circumstances in life are not always what they appear to be. But we can always count on this fact—God’s Word is like a road map. And it will always contain warning signs of road hazards ahead. We just need to read it. And pay attention to the signs. Drive safely as you travel life’s highway. The lives you save may be your own—and those you love.

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