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What Do You Expect?
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Do you expect God to do something big today? I'm not asking if you believe that God will do something big today. I'm asking if you expect it.

That's the question that Pastor David Asscherick asked a group of youth at a youth conference and he didn't accept an anesthetized nodding of the head as a response. He drove the question in until he had them (and me) really thinking about it.

Asscherick granted us the benefit of believing that God is, indeed, capable of doing big things. After all, we all know that God has done miraculous wonders in the past. Just look at the parting of the Red Sea and the feeding of the 5,000 and raising the dead to life! Likewise, we believe that God will work wonders in the future when the Latter Rain falls and the Holy Spirit is present in even greater intensity than at Pentecost.

Asscherick further compared us to Martha, who when told by Jesus that Lazarus would rise again, said, “I know that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day.” Martha expected that Jesus would work a miracle of resurrection in the future, but she didn't expect him to do it right then. (John 11:24).

No question. God has worked phenomenal miracles, and God will work miracles again. But what about now? That was the question Asscherick kept pounding into the ears of the listeners. And that's the question that has remained pounding in my ears. What about now? Do we truly expect God to do something great today? Here and now in our own midst. In our own lives. On our own block. In our own church. In our own home. That is the question.

If your answer is an emphatic "Yes," then praise the Lord! If you are like many others, however, your answer may be more of the I'm waiting to see variety. In other words, we believe that God can work miracles any time, but for now, we're just kind of hanging out and watching. But why? Don't we want something big to happen by God and for God today? Don't we want to be more involved in God's hand of power than to simply report the past and predict the future?

Be Part of That

For example, if we had the chance to press our own bare feet onto the dry path of the Red Sea while feeling the cool mist of the giant walls of water standing at attention at our sides, wouldn't we want to be a part of that? Or would we be afraid the walls would fall in? Worse yet, perhaps we would be the ones who would cause the walls to fall in and end up feeling that it would have been better if we hadn't set foot in the water at all.

Ah-ha! Maybe that's it. Maybe that's what stops us from really rolling up our sleeves of expectation for what God can do today. Yesterday didn't involve us, so we're safe from messing that up. Tomorrow hasn't happened, so we're safe from jinxing that too. But today involves us!

Well, Pastor Asscherick didn't leave us without encouragement. He reminded us that if we witness to our co-workers and our peers and to strangers, we are sometimes going to say the wrong things. But nothing we do with a humble and willing spirit can mess up the great work that God is doing.

What a relief! Humble, willing servants of God are not responsible for a soul being lost, no matter how lame our words may sound in our own ears or how clumsy our actions may appear in our own eyes. God is capable of transposing our words into the very message that someone needs to hear. And God can work a multitude of other big things right here, right now. Can you be involved? What do you expect God to do for and through you today?

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By Gwen Scott Simmons
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