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Caught In Traffic
Photo: Rich DuBose
Has driving become a pain because you spend more time stopping than going? Do you hate being caught by traffic signals? As our population grows and more cars take to the roads, it's only going to get worse. According to a report published in USA Today, "In the 85 biggest U.S. cities, snarled traffic cost travelers 3.5 billion hours in 2002."1 If you live in one of these communities, you think twice before driving to see a nearby friend, or heading to the store.

A sidebar in the above report cites a Texas Transportation Institute study that found that the average urban commute in 2002 was 46 hours per year. In Los Angeles it was 96 hours a year. When you take your morning vitamin make sure you take an extra dose of patience.

Driving is a corporate experience that depends upon the cooperation of many players. The moment you leave your driveway and enter the flow of traffic, you relinquish your schedule to elements out of your control. Whether you like it or not, the decisions of others will affect your commute.

When you find yourself "caught in traffic," ask God to help you see it as a time to demonstrate His grace to fellow commuters.

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