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A Young Voice
Photo: Thomas Perkins
It happened while driving down the 405 freeway in Southern California. A voice from behind me. A voice from a car seat. “Momma, listen to Jesus.”


The first thought that tumbled into my mind and nearly out of my mouth was, “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth" (from 1 Samuel 3:10)”. But then I realized it was only my two-year-old. It took a few minutes of questions to figure out that he wanted to listen to Christian music. Amazingly, he could pick the Christian music out from the rest and said, “That one, Momma” as I scanned the stations.

And though the situation was resolved, his words continued to ring in my ears: “Momma, listen to Jesus.”

Is that You, Lord? Could the Most High be speaking to me thorough my young child? 

He's Just a Kid

We often say that children teach us much about patience and simple faith and unconditional love, but do I really believe that my son may be able to speak God’s truth to me? He’s just a kid. He can’t even tie his own shoes or make it through the night without wetting the bed. He needs my help to get dressed and to peel his orange. How could he have wisdom from the Lord to share with me?

I’ve begun to believe that our children hear the voice of God easier than we do. They don’t have insecurities or defenses surrounding their hearts like many of us. They don’t have expectations of the way God will act and they are open to love in a way we are not.

If God wants to reach out to us and speak to us, doesn’t it make sense that He would use any means possible? Over the centuries, the Lord has spoken to His people from flaming bushes, with floating ax heads and talking donkeys—and with the voices of children. We need to be open to any way He might be trying to get our attention.

I’m sure you can think of a time your child said something particularly observant and pointed. They ask why we are fighting with Daddy, why we stayed so late at work, why we haven’t played with them, why we look tired or sad and why we have been angry. Their simple queries may hint at problems we need to address. Listening to our children and respecting their observations is one way we can tune in to God’s leading.

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