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I used to be Papyrus. For years now, the default font on my computer has been set to it. I loved the slightly splotchy lettering, rounded letters and long lines. It was the style of type that most felt like me. When I’d begin working on a letter or a paper or a to-do list, it somehow felt like me if it was in Papyrus.

But it doesn’t feel like me anymore. One day it just wasn’t right. And for the last several weeks I’ve been trying out different fonts. Calibri, Arial, Comic Sans, Lucida, Gil Sans, Palatino—right now Corbel is the frontrunner.

To be honest, it has scared me a little. Is my “font discomfort” indicative of some inner change in me? Has there been a fundamental shift in the way that I look at the world? Have I gotten too old and boring for Papyrus?

Priorities Shifted

Life is full of constant changes—a change in job, a move, a new baby, a new friendship, new responsibilities. But often those big changes have some unexpected secondary effects on us. We don’t always realize how a new season of life changes even the little details. I woke up one day and my first thought was WOOHOO, the kids slept through the night and what was I going to make them for breakfast and should I put them in shorts or long pants today? And it hit me that three short years ago my first thoughts were actually all about me. It wasn’t just the big change of becoming a mom. My priorities had shifted significantly and even my waking thoughts changed over time because of my new position as Mom.

Sometimes these bigger changes create less fortunate effects. Maybe we find ourselves with 12 extra pounds that seemingly appeared over night. Or maybe we realize that in the stress of change we’ve developed some bad habits in communicating with our kids or our spouse. Maybe the time you used to spend studying the Bible and praying has been overrun by the demands of your new job or new responsibilities.

My choice of word processing font may seem silly in the scope of life’s big changes, but recognizing the little things in me that have changed on this journey has been good for me. It’s helped me see more clearly the path I’ve been heading along and that allows me to adjust where I need to and align myself more clearly to what God has for my life. That can be hard work, but it’s better than continuing to write in Papyrus.

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