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Bless Me, Father
Photo: Ron Chapple
I adored my father. Being the only girl among three brothers, I felt like a little princess to a certain extent. My father was refined, yet quick to smile. Every time he spoke to me, his big, dark eyes seemed to touch my very soul.

I remember long ago afternoons, when he would come to where I was doing my homework and ask if there was anything I didn’t understand. He knew it all! And, every time I needed to draw something, he would help do a sketch first. My dad was a great artist.

But, the greatest memories I have of him are when the sounds of his requinto* inundated our home. I would run to his side, completely mesmerized by his mastery of the instrument. “Daddy, can you teach me a song?”, I would ask. “Come here, my love,” he would respond, setting me on his lap and handing me the requinto. My small hands would try to imitate his, but I would soon give up as I felt my finger tips burning like fire.

One day, he left for work and didn’t come home in the evening. Neither the next day. Desperate, my mother searched for him at every hospital and morgue around town. When we still hadn’t heard from him, a friend of ours, that happened to be a private investigator, offered his services, free of charge. He soon discovered that my father had left the country, destination unknown. But, he was not alone. He had left with another woman.

Impact was Horrible

The impact was horrible. My mother and brothers were inconsolable. Me? Well, even though I was only nine years old, I understood that my life would never be the same. My world had crumbled and with it, all of my dreams as well. Seeing my mother suffer so much, left me forever scarred. My father, that person that I absolutely adored, chose to abandon us and we never heard from him. Ever again! As a family, we had to silence our pain for the sake of others, although we knew that we each bore a very heavy and personal burden.

It was during this time that I had a dream. It spoke to me about another Father…one that would never abandon me. He loved me with all of His might and all of His heart and would take care of every detail in my life. In my dream, my Heavenly Father was telling me that as long as I fixed my eyes on Jesus, nothing bad would happen to me. I woke up startled and ran to tell my Grandma Maria about what I had just dreamed. She, in all her great wisdom, told me that God had a special interest in me and through that dream, He had blessed me forever.

Although I grew up without an earthly father, and the memory of him is still very much intact in my mind, my other Father—the one that will never leave me, has declared that I am the apple of His eye, and has been the healing balm for my wounds. By His side, I find the peace that my broken heart needs, and when I feel that life experiences are just too much to bear, I run to Him. I imagine His loving eyes and I suddenly feel Him touch my soul. Then, almost in a whisper, I hear Him say, “I bless you, my child."

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*A smaller, higher-pitched guitar. Typical of instruments in Colombia, Venezuela, and Mexico.

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