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Round Up Treatment
Photo: Elena Elisseeva
Recently, I sprayed an area of our back yard with Round Up in order to plow a new garden spot. Of course, we could plow the sod without killing the grass first, but it would make the work so much more difficult. I've tried that before and what happens is the roots of the grass takes hold of the surrounding soil and begins to grow again, even when it's been turned upside down and broken to pieces. No matter how much you beat up the dirt, if the roots meet the soil, grass will resume!

Therefore, we give the whole area the Round Up treatment before plowing. The great thing about Round Up is that it not only kills the blades of grass, but goes all the way to the roots. So when when we planted seeds in the soil, they have a better chance of growing strong and productive.

I remembered the Round Up treatment when I was praying for myself recently. I was asking God to take all parts of self away from me. Every part of self that I had created, every part of self that Satan has created in me, and every part of self that may be developing even without my awareness. In other words, I needed the Round Up treatment. I needed every factor that was poisoning my spiritual garden to be killed to the root, so that the good seeds could thrive.

Watch Self Wither and Die

Surprisingly, it's a wonderful feeling to watch self wither and die. Especially when so much time and effort went into building it up!

It's a repeated theme throughout the Bible. Paul counsels us to “die daily.” He also says that he delights in his weaknesses because he knows that Jesus' power is made perfect in our weakness (1 Corinthians 15:31; 2 Corinthians 12:9).

In a world that emphasizes looking out for oneself and climbing the ladder of success, it seems a foreign concept to suggest that our greatest happiness can be found in totally surrendering self and admitting that we are nothing of ourselves. Yet, it's true. Not until we completely surrender who we are will we ever hope to discover who we really are. God has created us to be who he says we are. If we trust his creation, our spiritual garden will be productive, leaving the weeds of self withered in the dust.

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