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Reader's Comments (2007)
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Comments for article: Evitando la Pobreza
I am so happy and glad that there is a center here in Yakima, with my same beliefs, that is always doing good things. I am from Honduras and I’m an immigrant and all I’m looking for is to find a place of worship to ask God to help me. May God shower your hearts with many blessings.

Comments for article: Woke Up
Richard Gyimah, Dec 18, 2007,
Indeed there is more sleep after death and really one needs to wake up and accomplish the task ahead of him. I'm really inspired with content of the article and want to congratulate the writter that piece.I'm an advantist based in Soutth Africa.I need a friend so that we can share ideas and communicate to each other on christian issues. Good bless you.

Comments for article: Dog Heaven
James Key, Dec 15, 2007,
Surely God The Father who creates all things loves all of his Creation. heaven is not an imperfect place therefore all dogs go to Heaven and so do Cats. An inderstanding of Gods love brings me to this realization. The scriptures are complet and binding Gods Love is bound to all living creatures. All animals are sinless as they tasted not the Fruit of Knowledge. I look forward to my trip to Heaven I expect to see my beloved Bonzo (Dog) there and Buffy (Cat).

Comments for article: Dog Heaven
Joyce Lowry, Dec 14, 2007,
I know exactly how you feel. It is a different kind of love! It is a companion that is undescriable! She was my best friend and she would be make my 'difficult days goe away' the minute I walked in the door. My only dog Daphne Black Lab/Border Collie had to be put to sleep a few years ago and I still cry when I think about her. God Bless you.

Comments for article: Dog Heaven
Carl Sato, Dec 15, 2007,
I'm so sorry for your loss. I have had pets the past 40 years and have lost many priceless friends. I still think of them today. I think Jesus will restore our beloved pets to us when we enter heaven. The reason is very simple, Jesus lives within us and He knows our every feeling, He knows how much we loved our animal friends for He felt that love too. Read 1 Corinthians 2:9 I believe one of those "things" will be our pets restored to us. 

Comments for article: Dog Heaven
Robert, Dec 15, 2007, 
Several Thanksgivings ago, our Golden Retreiver came to the end of his trail. 13 years of faithful service to our family. He saw our two children through teen years and was always there for my wife and I! Our vet came to our home the Monday night after Thanksgiving weekend and put the old guy to sleep. As we held him in our laps he just dozed off like he did so many times before. The vet suggested that we keep talking to him as he drifted off. After a few minutes it was finished and my wife and I carried him to his grave in the back yard. It took several years before we could get another Golden. Zoey is about 1.5 years old and just now is starting to settle down. Puppies are great but it's nice when they get more mature! She has taken a spot in our hearts but we will always love and remember our old friend Buck. We had often wondered if we will see Buck after Jesus comes. I haven't found anything in Scripture to say either way. I want to think that we will have him in the earth made new. I know that what ever Jesus has planned for us we can trust to be okay. In the mean while you have the responsibility to do for your Punkin for his good. When the time comes, and you'll know when it it, don't delay putting him down. It's about him at this point--not you. End his suffering gently and put him at peace. Trust that Jesus loves you and your faithful friend.

Comments for article: Dog Heaven
Maurice, Dec 15, 2007,
WOW!! such a loving message! I have also lost a great companion my Dog Poppy, She will always be in my thoughts,,,I wish you the best and I'm sure you being a dog lover will adopt another and give your pet a great home..

Comments for article: Dog Heaven
Linda Brawner, Dec 13, 2007, 
From your article, it is easy to assume you have had little loss in your life. I understand completely how important your dog is to you. When I had to put down my husband's cat, I wept fiercely. The cat meant so much to him that he couldn't go to the vet. He sent me and thanked me when I returned. Since then I lost my father and then my hsuband to death. While my husband struggled with three years of illness, the last thing on my mind was whether or not I would see the cat again. You learn to choose your worries carefully when you walk through hell. However, God has turned all these painful things into ministry. If you are interested in how God has worked in my life, check out my website: www.keepsweetforever.com . 

Comments for article: Blessing the Boys
Darwin Knight, Dec 12, 2007,
I couldn't agree more with the concept of how TV and movies portray men. I have long since quit watching regular TV. If these concepts were aimed at any other society group, there would be great outrage. We as Christian men need to speak out as to the christian virtues of mens role in home and society.

Comments for article: Dog Heaven
Donna Tucker, Dec 12, 2007,
It is sad to me that some have this distorted view of a selfish God that only cares about certain things that benefit Him. Many of us grew up with those who seem to have this view of God. I want you to take a minute and think about God and His TRUE character. God’s love is always out going not incoming. His love is perfect. When I grieved for a certain dying pet, it seemed inevitable that there would always be one of these kinds of people ready to tell me that animals don’t go to heaven because they don’t have souls but God would create one just like them in heaven so that we would see our pets again. I wanted to slap them in the face. Think about this. If someone told you that it’s ok that your son, daughter, friend, or spouse died that it would be just fine because even if they couldn’t experience heaven, God would create someone just like them to take their place. How horrible for the one that is gone. If you were of a selfish nature and didn’t care about the other person or being and only cared about your feelings, that would work. That’s everything opposite of what God teaches us to be. God can not be that selfish to create a creature that loves and cares for you and when that poor creature suffers and dies, God’s says, “well, that creature fulfilled its duties and that’s all I care about. I don’t give a rat’s nest about that creature and what happens to it; only about the human’s that I care about, so I will make one just like it so the human won’t miss it so much”. Well, how small and imperfect is that? I know one thing, that’s a selfish view. God is Perfect, God loves your pets as you do. I don’t know exactly how but I do know they will be there enjoying heaven with us! Know, GOD IS PERFECT LOVE!

Comments for article: Dog Heaven
Linda, Dec 12, 2007, 
There will be animals in Heaven according to the Bible. Isa 65:25 says "The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox, but dust will be the serpent's food. They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain," says the LORD. NIV

Comments for article:
The Squeaky Wheel
Peg Bartley, Dec 8, 2007,
One big "AMEN".

Comments for article: La Sala de Espera
Alicia- Apurímac-Perrú, Dec 7, 2007
He is so good to us and He is always responds to our need at the right moment because he has a plan for our lives.

Comments for article: Avoiding Poverty
C. Landis, Nov 20, 2007,
How True! I wish I had this info before I left my high school years! God = simplicity! Thank you for sharing...I'll pass this on to my grandchildren!

Comments for article: Runaway People
Alicia, Nov 20, 2007,
i have ranaway from a good home before.When you feel the urge to run,STOP! You are going to regret it.It wont help at all.If things get rough dont feel that your parents dont love you,and you hate them.you can get mad sometimes,but just remember that they want you to be responsible young adults.

Comments for article: The Wisest Prayer
KC Anyalebechi, Nov 14, 2007, 
I praise God for they way He is always trying to communicate to His children. For the last month I have been studying this passage, and have finally decided to preach from it. However, I couldn't find a suiting title, and from reading this article, now I have one: "The Wisest Prayer," thank you and may God bless you. Pray Wise!

Comments for article: Losing a Family Pet
Tanya Wilkinson, Nov 11, 2007,
What a touching message. I have a 5-year-old poodle who is the love of my life. Though I expect him to live many more years, I already know that when he does pass away I will be devastated, as I have been when other beloved pets of mine have died. Your words brought this pet-lover encouragement and I look forward to sharing it with others.

Comments for article: Spiritual Ponzi
Gabriel, Nov 10, 2007,
I just read the article and it left out one thing. Since God is the answer. How do I recognize God's voice, amid all the other voices that are speaking to me, including yours?

Comments for article: Wide-angle Lens
Steve, Nov 9, 2007,
Being an amature photographer this verse definitely perked my interest... I've written the bible verse down and intend to memorize it (along with many other wonderful truths of scripture) :0) Thanks for the article

Comments for article: Lesson of the Leaf
Cheri, Nov 7, 2007, 
I have often had a hard time enjoying fall. Even though the colors are beautiful, it reminds me of the cold weather coming that I hate so much. It has always been a depressing time for me. After reading this article, I find new hope and life from fall. A new outlook that I will put into practice daily. Thanks for sharing!!!

Comments for article: Importance of Hair
Justina Blackwood, Nov 6, 2007,
I really like this article because you remind me so much of myself. I too used to have all sorts of funky hair do's. I too used to travel a lot and had a wonderful single life. I too now have three children I too spent many years pulling my hair up into a ponytail as most of my time was spent rushing round after my family. I cannot imagine my life without them and thank God that He's blessed me with a beautiful family. I'm never lonely, never bored and they serve as a constant reminder of the greatness of God and His love. I now have a new short hair style (I had it done a few weeks ago whilst visiting my sister in NJ). I wish you and your family all of God's greatest blessings. Continue to inspire others and I pray that we will live according to His will so that we will meet one in glory. Take care. Tina

Comments for article: Importance of Hair
George Harlan, Nov 6, 2007,
I have to agree that you should have cute hair! My wife has cute hair and likes to be cute in other ways while being a registered nurse, a really cool mom to our married daughter (and her husband) in TN and 2 "grown-up" sons who still live with us until... well the girls they socialize with have cute hair and my wife fits in real well with "that" age group as a youth leader. It could be her clothes or her still quite "youthful" look, but I think its her hair! To me she is still really cute! (I have no idea why I read your article. Maybe it was the picture of cute hair advertising this article. Or just maybe it was that my wife just asked me if I would like to go with her so we can each get a haircut from her favorite hair cutter again!)

Comments for article: Baby Boy
soeurette, Nov 5, 2007,
praise God! thanks for sharing your story.I am a mother to four girls:1,2 4 6. Although challenging, I agree with you that they are blessing from the Lord. God bless your family!

Comments for article: Importance of Hair
Laura, Nov 5, 2007,
I agree!! We need to keep up our appearance but not over do it. As women, we get refreshed with a new style, or just a long overdo cut.

Comments for article: Importance of Hair
Dr. Wee, Nov 4, 2007,
I enjoyed reading what you shared. Thank you. One of my favorite marriage counselor Dr.Willar F Harley Jr. in his book His Need Her Needs, reminds us that as Christian women and men we need to meet each other's need in a marriage to have a happy healthy fulfilled marriage where God’s spirit can dwell and our children and can be raised in a home with two parent without the spirit of brokenness. One of those needs is an attractive spouse. This may mean different things to different people, and as a wife and mother most would agree life is too deep with meaning to spend on the superficial and fleeting, and others would say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But the reality is being attractive in a marriage meets a need for a spouse, attractive is and I quote” what you do with what you have, your posture, hairstyle, clothing, gestures, makeup, weight and so forth." "A wife's attractiveness is often a vital ingredient to the success of her marriage and any wife who ignores this notion--for whatever reason risk disaster.” God's wish above all things is that we prosper and be in good health. There are 8 other basic needs that we need for us to be fulfill in our marriage, and you are right learning how to balance it all is a challenge as a wife and mother, at times we may seem selfish, when we take time to take care of our self. However when we take a little time to develop and practice certain skills the rewards for the time invested will be enormous. For example in the area or attractive spouse: excise regular, keep the weight under control, eating healthy, spending a little more effort on our appearance, this effort will not go unrewarded. By meeting each other basic needs in a marriage and keeping God as the center of your home while surrounding your family with prayer you will give the best gift you can give to your family, a mommy and daddy who are happy, content, fulfilled Christians who can then face trials and the test of time and space together with God's in their midst. I wish above all that you prosper and be in good health!! Dr.Wee 

Comments for article: Lesson of the Leaf
Annette Wallace, Nov 3, 2007,
I really enjoyed this article and hope that you will include more from this writter in the future. I had just come in from raking leafs and at first they were beautiful and then they just became an obstacle. This article caused me to pause and refocus on the beauty God has placed all around me....above my head and this time of year, yes, even under my feet! Thanks.

Comments for article: Losing a Family Pet
Loloma Spraggins, Nov 1, 2007,
oh my goodness, he sounded like a cute little dog at least we know we'll see him in another time.

Comments for article: Losing a Family Pet
Lisa Vitorovich, Oct 31, 2007,
It moved me to tears....

Comments for article: Fellowship
maria, Oct 30, 2007, 
thanks for your encouraging article- i know what you mean- although we look sometimes like we have it together- really we all are the same underneath-all on a journey- love and life..seeking God and trying to discover ourselves- i am encouraged too when i share with my friends- what a blessing it is- it makes me feel warm and it lifts me up...Praise God for such beautiful experiences we are able to have.. God bless you : )

Comments for article: Another Man's Wife
Regina Escalante, Oct 30, 2007, 
I agree completely with the article! Something has to be done to reverse the worldly influense about dating among christian people. I recomend the book "I kissed Dating Goodbye" , by Joshua Harris. It's like if Mr. Harris had read everything Ellen White has to say about the subject and put it in a very easy language.

Comments for article: Another Man's Wife
Cathy, Oct 28, 2007,
Looking back in my younger days, it is very easy to fall in love and get attracted to the wrong person but I always had a dream of getting married to an adventist who I can go to church. It was worth the wait.

Comments for article: Life After Birth
C. Smith, Oct 27, 2007, 
Praise our Father in Heaven for His mercy to send His only Son, our Saviour. It is my prayer with you, that we remain committed to healing and relieving the suffering of the children, families, and all people at all times.

Comments for article: Cleansing Power
Bernette Callender, Oct 20, 2007,
I fully agree with every word you said. I am living through how important spiritual cleansing is every moment of every hour.

Comments for article: Joy Through a Killjoy
Bob Buckler, Oct 20, 2007,
What a beautiful example of Christ's love.

Comments for article: Imitators of God
Moses, Oct 19, 2007,
Wow. This is a great article. I will definately practice this from now on. Thank you for the article. Shalom!!!

Comments for article: Blindly Following
Clara Cox, Oct 15, 2007,
Wow a neat message I want to follow Jesus and not the crowd. Thanks for the encourgement and for a great Web site

Comments for article: Kids, Parents, Time
Norma Sanchez, Oct 15, 2007, 
Great article. It is so true about spending quality time with the kids and make them feel important, they will grow secure and will be more willing to be helpful in the home when they see the need or ask for it, just to please mom.

Comments for article: Imitators of God
Thomas Mayhew, Oct 14, 2007,
Great article: more consideration for others, less concerned about being right. I retold the opening story to my wife and got a good laugh. 

Comments for article: My Secretary
lee, Oct 12, 2007,
Very timely, stress-relieving article - spirit filled. Thanks for sharing.

Comments for article: Buddy
d. lamont, Oct 11, 2007,
Why on earth didn't you go back and try to find him???? Or at least inquire about him?? Let us hope it was an angel.

Comments for article: A Summer Reflection
Sharon Woolwine, Oct 9, 2007,
Your in-laws sent this article to me as I live out in the country and enjoy the peace and quiet it gives. This article was beautiful and I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it. Your analogy to our life and our walk with God is so moving. Thanks.

Comments for article: Another Man's Wife
Jonathan, Oct 8, 2007,
Preach it! I was introduced to this concept during Eric and Leslie Ludy's presentation at a Northern California Conference's youth rally, and now that I'm dating the girl I plan to marry, I am soooooo glad I followed their advice!

Comments for article: Why Go To Church?
Shirley Shaffer, Oct 7, 2007, 
What a testimony! Never missed church! Wish I could say that! However, every single time that I've strongly wanted to miss church and forced myself to go, there was something there that desperately needed to get through to my life in those times. Last week our church took some announcement time to review the life of a member who had just died. I had not known her well, but the story of her life completely changed my outlook and strengthened me all through the week! Yesterday I learned one family actually walked out and went home because they thought a eulogy was inappropriate to a church service (maybe we should have been talking about Abraham or something?). Another young man didn't come at all because he didn't know the individual who had died, and also -- didn't think he had good enough clothes to wear! All those reasons sounded familiar to me because I've used them all on other occasions! Think of the blessings I've missed! Think of the blessing I could have been -- like the lady who wrote the article! A grace link! I'm gonna change my ways again!

Comments for article: Buddy
Joyce Lowry, Oct 6, 2007, 
That was a wonderful reunion and the best part was God sending Buddy 'the Angel'. God is Good! I could not live a day or minute without Him.

Comments for article: Seeing as God Sees
Katy, Oct 1, 2007,
that's awesome!

Comments for article: Another Man's Wife
Ardice Perry, Sep 27, 2007,
What a cool way to put it. That is such a good perspective to use to share the counsel and just maybe makes the 7th commandment relevant even to the unwed (and therefore everyone). 

Comments for article: Another Man's Wife
Danna, Sep 26, 2007,
Hi, I'm 23yrs old and was raised in the SDA church my whole life. My mom would often warn of the troubles that come along with getting too serious at such a young age. At times I just felt like she did not understand me, but now I realized she was trying to save me from the pain that I now go through. See, I gave myself away at 19, and I was not married. I know that it is the worst thing that has ever happen to me. I was so depressed afterwards, I could not eat or sleep. I shut the world out because of the shame.I was sooooo disappointed in myself I wanted to take it back. I felt like no man would marry me. I felt nasty and unworthy of GOD'S Love and grace. It took me a long time to get over and to realize that the God I serve is wonderful. His merciful heart and forgiving spirit is what brought me through that rough time and gave me the strengh to move on and learn from my mistake. That is why I tell this story. God bless all who read it.

Comments for article: Another Man's Wife
Michael, Sep 25, 2007,
You are so correct when you tell them that numerous partners leaves them confused about true love and relations. They will have to learn that these other partners were only there for self gratification. Leave those sinful experiences out of your marrige. It only causes confusion.

Comments for article: A Summer Reflection
Arlene Jewell, Sep 25, 2007,
I really enjoyed this piece. It is very well written and most inspiring.

Comments for article: Baptism, Why Bother?
Susan Westfahl, Sep 24, 2007,
When I read this article I have to admit I have recently said the same words to my own child. Almost forgetting that it is his decision with God instead I was making it about me. I guess I need to rethink somethings... 

Comments for article: Consider the Lilies
Lilli, Sep 18, 2007,
It's 2:58 a.m. and Ive been unable to sleep because my daily routine got disrupted. I,ve just read your article and I would like to say goodnite--am going to bed and GOD BLESS YOU FOR THE MESSAGE. I NEEDED TO HEAR THAT.

Comments for article: Frivolous Opulence
David Battle, Sep 14, 2007,
Status also arises out positions in church. Being a church elder, organist, Sabbath School Superintendent, etc. can be forms of status. People can use their "church status" in addition to their status in secular society to yield a total self-importance or a contrast of self-importance. Examples: One could be a low-level factory worker yet be the treasurer of the church. Another may be the President of a company and First Elder in his/her church. 

Comments for article: Frivolous Opulence
David Battle, Sep 14, 2007,
Wow, this is so true. I wish more people could understand this fact. Material wealth does not have anything to do with our importance in this life or Eternity. Nothing is as important as knowing that Jesus loves you and that God sent his only Son to die for our sins. Thank you for your article. 

Comments for article: Emergency Food Crisis
Vivian D Miranda, Sep 12, 2007,
I am very interested in helping my local church enhance their food pantry. Any ideas?

Comments for article: Hello Daddy
Emilie, Sep 8, 2007,
Very beautiful analogy!

Comments for article: God High and Deep
Jerry Grim, Sep 3, 2007,
Amen to that! I remember praying in the Black Mountains in S.W. Virginia, and, because music is my gift, I would swear I heard the "music of the spheres!" Thanks for the reflection.

Comments for article: His Due Date
Loyd Black, Aug 26, 2007,
The verses about those who would not taste of death until they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom are found in Matthew 16:27-28. The implications are that either those who were hearing Jesus words never died, because Jesus has not returned or that Jesus has already returned within the lifetime of those people he was talking to. Since there is no record of Jesus ever having returned after He rose and was caught up in a cloud (Acts 1:9-10) either the writer of Acts got it wrong and misquoted Jesus or there may be another interpretation. The very next chapter (Matt.17:1-6) speaks of the transfiguration on the mount in which Jesus speaks to Moses and Elijah and had a face as bright as the sun with clothing as white as light. The voice (of the Father God) spoke and said again the same words that were spoken when Jeus was baptized: "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him." Could it be that this was what Jesus was referring to? Peter, James the Just, and John got a foretaste of the glory of the coming of Jesus.

Comments for article: Overawed with Riches
Loyd Black, Aug 26, 2007,
While this is about envy of the riches of others, what about those who have less than we do? Some of them are struggling to find enough to eat let alone bigger homes. He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth to the LORD; and that which he hath given will he (the LORD) pay him again. - Prov. 19:17 Instead of envy, where is our charity? I find some who are sadly lacking in willingness to help the poor.

Comments for article: Scars or Stars?
M. Jenkins, Aug 21, 2007,
Good people can find themselves in bad situations. Remember guilt and discouragement are the devils greatest tool. Grace, mercy, love, forgiveness and Christ crucified. Gives us the right to get back on the bike and get back behind the wheel of life guilt free! Praise the Lord!!!!!

Comments for article: What Do You Think?
June H, Aug 16, 2007,
Your thinking is affected now by your past experiences and pain.

Comments for article: That First Job
Betty, Aug 5, 2007, 
I agree with you, sometimes I feel unpopular because my friends in the 50+age group have their adult children living with them. My children are on their own. They say its nice to have someone in the home. For me sometimes it gets lonely. I think I did the right thing for my children and myself. Thanks for sharing your story.

Comments for article: Reading Before Praying
Mimi, Aug 2, 2007,
I have always been taught though, that one needs to pray first that the Holy Spirit will enlighten us as we read/study his word.

Comments for article: When God Shows Up
M. Fortune, Jul 30, 2007,
THIS is a great devotional!!! Thanks!!!

Comments for article: Hound Dogs in a Hurry
Q. O, Jul 30, 2007,
I have lived away from my family for the past 18 years and the last 15 years of my kids lives, early in their lives it was not a real big deal for us to go visit once a month, but as they get older they are more involved in things and they do not want to miss out and do not want to go evey month now, my family does not understand this and have not talked with us for over a month now, I love my family, and miss my family, however, I have enjoyed this time with my husband and kids, we can actually sit on the porch and just sit and do nothing. We have never had time to do this in the past we were always rushed. Take the time to sit and enjoy your family

Comments for article: Socks and Discernment
Bob W, Jul 28, 2007,
It really makes my heart ache when I learn of faithful lovong dogs that are made to stay outside. I have had a dog all my life, having been born and raised on a farm. They are such faithful, loving animals. We have a large Sheltie, and he is the same way with storms and gun shots. He has always stayed in the house and has complete run of it. I see so many dogs here in Tenn. that are left outside and are allowed to roam anywhere. Alot of them are run over by uncaring humans. A dog is the most faithfuk friend you will eveer have. Take care of him as a best friend!!

Comments for article: Persistence Pays Off
T. Collins, Jul 26, 2007
Your article inspired me to persist. Can you provide more details on how you succeeded? I have been trying for years to gain muscle weight and not fat.

Comments for article: When God Shows Up
M. Swaisgood, Jul 24, 2007
This is an ecellent article. It encouraged me today to love my wife, my children, my church family, my neighbors met and unmet, and even me, because God already does.

Comments for article: The Spice of Life
Julie, Jul 20, 2007
An amazing story but then God works in amazing ways. I hope she gets the shelter built. 

Comments for article: The Spice of Life
Diane Collins, Jul 22, 2007
Very inspiring,the book "Street Lawyer" by John Grishom was eyeopening for me in regards to the homeless. God Bless your work. Diane

Comments for article: The Waiting Game
H. Bailey, Jul 14, 2007
I appreciated the article "The Waiting Game". I needed that message. I do not like to wait either but I need to. I especially need to learn to wait on the Lord. Have a great Sabbath Lethbridge, Alberta SDA's. -- from Howard in Toronto

Comments for article: Don't Be Afraid
David B, Jul 13, 2007
I need Jesus to calm my fears, for sure. My mother died on June 30. I am nearly finished with my doctorate. But my family needs to strengthen its financial situation. That is what I am quite fearful of.

Comments for article: Just Be Nice!
Charlette, Jun 20, 2007
Wow! i read this devotional thought and was convicted. my conviction did not end with myself but i thought of my friend. she is going through alot and her circumstances brings out the worst in her. in a nutshell she is not nice. she is not nice to her husband which is a big part of her unhappiness. i thought about her in my morning worship and after i read this thought i called her and shared it with her. i believe she was convicted. pray for her that God will help her to be NICE!

Comments for article: Heavenly Rewards
Dr. Santosh Kumar Sahoo, Jun 20, 2007
Your article titled Heavenly Rewards was indeed a blessing for me as I read it...We must all prepare ourselves to receive this glorious reward when Jesus will come again to give this reward to us. What a day it would be for each one of us when we will see our Jesus coming in full glory from heaven to give us the reward that we deserve according to what we have done during our lifetime. Thanking you your brother in Christ Santosh. Shimla

Comments for article: Lawn Care for Life
Millie Besch, Jun 18, 2007
This article has supported what I have finally realized. The more I invite and allow the Holy Spirit into my life, and focus on having a loving heart, the more negative things and people have fallen away from me. In addition to that, when I find myself facing trials, I find that the studying and praying I have done pays off by reminding me how good God is, and He that will see me through it. Focusing on a better relationship with the Lord, instead of all of the negative things that were going on in my life has given me a better outlook on life. Praise God!

Comments for article: Secrets of Parenting
Rosanna, Jun 7, 2007
Nice article. Thanks for providing it.

Comments for article: Pray Like Nehemiah
Vicki Taylor, Jun 5, 2007
Very good article! Too often we tend to make our prayer like a grocery list.

Comments for article: No Doubt
Erika Gladden, May 29, 2007
What a beautiful article and a reminder I needed to hear at this time in our lives of going through hardships of searching endlessly for jobs, etc...To be reminded that God will take care of our every need and that we need to trust Him fully was a nice way to start my day!

Comments for article: No Doubt
Brenda Haynesworth, May 29, 2007
Thanks for this reminder about the love that God has for me. I am in the middle of a trust walk with God and I needed a boost in my faith. I know that He is the Father of my life and your article added that assurance to continue to trust in Him.

Comments for article: Stories, We All Got 'Em
April, May 29, 2007
I really like the way this story is an inspiration to others and we can apply this to our lives.

Comments for article: Carpet Cruising
Charlette, May 27, 2007
i really enjoy this article because it reminded me to keep my eyes focus on God. it also reminded me of the story of the sower. if we allow the cares of this world to overwhelme us we can easily forget God's promises of protection and sustinance. i too like peter have taken my eyes off of Jesus but thank God for his promises that if we confess he is faithful and just to forgive us. the example of the baby was a great way to bring across the message of focus and trust. i guess that is why God ask us to humble ourselves as a little child. children trust completely and we must learn to trust that way also. 

Comments for article: Pray Like Nehemiah
Cynthia, May 26, 2007
Your article is so true. When we are so tired from life that we have little time to pray, we often recite lists of requests. We forget that He is our friend. We forget that He is our awesome Creator! We forget that He is our Holy Father. It so much better when we take time for our Lord.

Comments for article: In Evil's Presence
Ingrid, May 26, 2007.
Good article. Too many times we think that we have to literally turn the other cheek. I am happy that young christians are being encouraged to defend themselves when necessary. Thank you!

Comments for article: Pray Like Nehemiah
Sandra, May 25, 2007
Acknowledgeing God is praising God when we praise God we invite his presence. in the presence of the lord we need no burden so confession is good for the soul. 

Comments for article: Sole Healer
Don Vance, May 24, 2007
This is a great article, as I had felt like that too! We think we need to dust ourselves off really good before we dare to go to church, and we continually feel like we are so filthy, that we do not have the right to go inside! Satan whispers in your ear, you do not belong in there with those people who are better than you! The fact still remains we are all sinners and wear filthy rags until we are saved by God's grace, through His Son Jesus Christ.

Comments for article: Sole Healer
John, May 23, 2007
This has helped me this morning to realize that I always walk with "dirt" filth and need the cleansing blood of Jesus always.

Comments for article: Patience in Parenting
Charlette, May 19, 2007
Oh! how refreshing to know that i am not this terrible mom. i recently had twin boys and i also have a 4 & 7yr old. i feel like i am talking all the time to the other two. i recently told my sister that i feel inadequate. they disobey and my patience is tested. i tend to fail alot in this catagory. i want them to put into practice what we study in devotion. they even get me upset in devotion. reading this article i've learned that i want them to be perfect and i am far from it myself. my expectation cause me to be unhappy, and sad most of the time. i am reminded that i am a child of God and he is sad when i do not meet his God to teach me i will be able to teach God's children effectively.

Comments for article: Modesty and the Bible
Sue Lundquist, May 11, 2007
I appreciate someone speaking to this issue. Reviveourhearts.com has a number of resources regarding modesty that are excellent. I believe as a Christian lady (young or old) it is most important to look at the way we dress and the way it effects the men that see us. We are our brothers' keepers; we have a responsibility to help lift their thoughts and not drag them down. Men that know about making a covenant with their eyes and have made that covenant many times find it difficult to even come to church...the way many women and girls dress in todays' world.

Comments for article: Priceless Motherhood
F Claire, May 11, 2007
Nice article. But at the end, it sounded like mothers that can't stay home with their kids are not doing what mothers who do are. I was at home and homeschooled my kids for the last 12 years, and have been forced to enter the workforce more full time the last year. I STILL have to do all the jobs I used to do, even though I work. Thankfully my kids are in school and so I can work while they do that. As a single mom, that is not easy. I think that articles like this - not just articles actually - but more - should be more prominent. Our society does NOT appreciate a stay at home mom's work. During those 12 years, I spent alot of time trying to keep a side job going, and measuring myself with others. I wish now that I had had more courage and wisdom to focus myself more on my kids while they were growing up - and NOT be so busy with the house, the garden, and side jobs. It wasn't worth it. I have more memories of the work I did, than of my children. I felt like a single mom most of my life, carrying all the load, even though I wasn't one technically up until 2 years ago. All mothers care for their children - whether they work or not. Some, however, are more burdened than others. These are the ones that need the most encouragement and help.

Comments for article: The Waiting Room
L SYLANE, Apr 21, 2007
I can relate to this article. I placed my home on the market for sale ten months ago but then the market took a dive. So, I wait and pray that it will happen soon.

Comments for article: The Waiting Room
Evan, Apr 20, 2007
I feel that god knows the appropriate time and place to for filling our needs! It may not seem as if it's the right time or that the wait is to time, but at the end Jesus will bless you in ways you never even imagine! P.S. By giving tithes and offering your chances r increased tremendously of receiving blessings. And like the student in the story much prayer is defintely needed as well!

Comments for article: Endless Extravaganza
Antoinette, Apr 18, 2007
Thank you for the beautiful word picture and the reminder of the soon coming of the most colossal event in earth's history, when time shall be no more and eternity with the Savior begins.

Comments for article: Prayer Solutions
David, Apr 13, 2007
This article is just what I was looking for - revisiting to "head prayer." Many traditional approaches in the church just don't seem to work for this Baby Boomer and his spiritual growth. Again, thanks for the article.

Comments for article: Helping the Homeless
Cynthia, Apr 11, 2007
Awesome! I read your article after putting our church children to do something. They have led a donations drive and it's been a huge success. They have separated the clothing and in 2 weeks are going to have a worship service about homelessness. This article has been a source of encouragement that, yes, we can and should do something!

Comments for article: HIV 101
Nicole, Apr 8, 2007
I was born & raised SDA. I have worked in the HIV/AIDS field for years. I have to say, I have been disappointed in the church's response to this devastating epidemic. Churches should be reaching out to & caring for those living with HIV/AIDS, not telling them they should have abstained. And while abstinence is certainly the #1 way to avoid HIV, we have to acknowledge that the vast majority (even of Adventists) do not choose to abstain until marriage. Does that mean they deserve HIV? Absolutely not. The church is right in its place to promote abstinence, but we also need to help people protect their lives. Until the debilitating stigma of HIV is gone, we can do little to make progress. We can't turn a blind eye. I would encourage the church to do more & help people save their lives. HIV may be the "leprosy" of our time. Who did Jesus spend his time with?

Comments for article: HIV 101
Esther, Apr 7, 2007
Very good advice for young people, and actually, for people of all ages! You are right about the message that should be on the condom package! Abstinence is the key! Thank you!

Comments for article: Nuts About Hazel
Esther, Apr 7, 2007
I loved your story. It was so real, and it put tears in my eyes. I could feel the pain that the little girl felt. Was this a true story?

Comments for article: Special Consideration
Betty, Apr 1, 2007
What a wonderful story of God's abiding love for mankind, and His timing is never off in anyway even to the nanosecond showing His faithfulness to those who believe. Our God is an awesome and amazing God who brings the brightness into our lives and in our loneliness He brings a bright Light. Thank you, blessings aplenty and more. Sabbath was awesome as usual and His love is amazing to me, as the longer that I live, the more amazing His love is to this ole lady.

Comments for article: Empathetic Grief
Meredith, Mar 31, 2007
This is a beautiful article....I pray that it can work as a reminder to me, to reach out to those around me before it's too late.

Comments for article: To Change the World
GODFREY, Mar 29, 2007
Yes, people do not care for others, I think most of us are just too selfish and too faithless to be called Christians!

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