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Wise Investments
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The world of financial investing generally baffles me. I’ve never personally bought or sold stocks, and I couldn’t differentiate a mutual fund from an annuity or a stock from a bond. While my husband and I do contribute to retirement funds, I gladly leave their management in the capable hands of our financial consultant. The one investment principle I know is that there will be good times and bad times. During the good years, investments grow rapidly, while the bad years bring shrinking profits and even losses. Nonetheless, in spite of all the ups and downs, consistent investing over the long haul results in overall financial growth.

While I lack stock market savvy, it would be wrong to say that I am not an investor. Every hour, every day, I make critical decisions regarding investments that profoundly impact both my future and the future of my family.

I invest in my marriage when I put forth the effort to prepare a nice meal for my tired husband rather than sending him to fend for himself at night. When I keep an orderly household, and when his clothes are clean and ironed. When I show support for the things that are important in his life rather than expecting him to always cater to my needs and listen to me first. When I constantly choose faithfulness to him, even when it might be easy to do otherwise.

Invest in My Children

I invest in my children when I read a book or play a game with them instead of plopping them in front of the television. When I sit down at the table and talk with them instead of hurrying them through their meal so that I can dine in peaceful solitude later on. When I read their Bible lesson and pray with them before bed rather than hastily tucking them in so that “me time” can commence.

I invest in my spiritual life when I set my alarm an hour early to spend time with God instead of sleeping-in. When I prioritize church attendance over other attractive Saturday morning activities. When I choose reading material, radio stations, and television programs that elevate my thoughts rather succumbing to mind-numbing worldly entertainment. When I stand up for truth rather than succumbing to the silence of self-consciousness.

I may not invest much in the stock market, but I daily choose how I will invest my time and energy. Like monetary investments, my investments (even wise ones) do not guarantee 100% success. There will be good days and bad days. My marriage may face challenges, my children may make poor decisions and get in trouble, and my spiritual life may waver. Yet, I know that wise and consistent investing over the long haul will produce huge dividends for eternity.

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