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The Fun of Being You
Photo: Thomas Lammeyer
In high school I won many art contests. After graduation, I was contacted as a candidate for a mechanical drawing job, preparing important blue prints for a national company. Though my mathematical skills were poor, I took the test anyway. I failed. I remembered thinking, if the work was as hard as the lengthy four-hour test, I’d have been miserable with that job. Certainly, I wouldn’t have had the fun of being me. Mechanical drawing and I didn’t mix.

After I became a writer, I noted this quote by Wally Amos, the man who created the Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies. “The Lord gives us all a special way of getting pleasure, something that connects the brain and the hands and the personality. You should never miss out on your calling, or the fun of being you.

Along the way, I’ve had some “day jobs” that weren’t me either. I’ve learned from each one to appreciate the special talent God reserved for me.

In my late-30’s I asked God to allow me to do something special for Him. I prayed for three years before I knew there was a writer inside me. I soon learned that God designed me for a purpose, “That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all Your wondrous works” (Psalm 26:7).

Journalistic Career

God used a church nominating committee to answer my prayer. I was asked to serve as press secretary. I started writing press releases—and soon I was offered a job with a local newspaper as a stringer. Viola! a journalistic career and many thousands of published words followed.

I also didn’t know that God would plant and replant my husband and me across the United States, equipping me with much writing fodder. God allowed me rare opportunities to witness to people of renown, people I never would have met except as a writer.

Thus, I discovered my own personal miracle of how God can take a very common woman and allow her to do uncommon things. I believe that He’ll do this for anyone who is willing. Here is a Bible text that is a call for each of us. “Who then is willing to consecrate himself (herself) this day to the LORD?” (I Chronicles 29:5).

No matter what our position in life , God has something for each of us to do. If you haven’t prayed such a prayer of service because you think God can’t use you, think again! Don’t pass up the chance to have the fun of being you. Just be willing.

I wasn’t meant to draw blueprints to glorify God but maybe he designed you for that purpose—or perhaps something altogether different. Why not pray about it right now?

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