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A Time to Share
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The Lenten season is a time of sacrifice and renewal for many Christians. One of the most common sacrifices that the faithful make is a resolution to forgo favorite foods. The idea of food sacrifice, especially forgoing meat, during Lent comes from Jesus’ fasting for 40 days. Though fasting was certainly not unknown before this, Christians feel that they are drawing closer to Jesus by fasting.
With the growing national interest in healthful meal planning, fiber intake, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol control this is a primetime opportunity for those who are health-minded all year, not just during Lent, to share healthful meals and recipes with friends.

If you haven’t had someone to your home to share a meal together for a while, this is a perfect time. Maybe you even need to reevaluate your own eating habits. Have they slipped a bit? Do you need your own renewal? Why not try your favorite recipes with family or friends who are still bemoaning their weight gain from the winter holidays. Spring is the perfect time to get in shape all around—and enjoy some fellowshipping and sharing with others.

If you feel reticent to be a host a meal alone, why not ask a friend or two to join you and prepare a spring meal celebration, that acknowledges those who observe Lent or who just want to make healthy lifestyle changes. You may find that spring will blossom with a new healthy you and improved relationships with those around you.

Favorite Recipes

Another way is to share at Lent is to contact the newspaper and offer them some of your healthy recipe favorites, nudging the food editor with the idea of featuring them for Lenten meals. Many of those who celebrate Lent are looking for recipes that are meat-free so if you have healthy vegetarian recipes most food editors would be delighted with such an offering. Make the recipe simple. It should contain ingredients that are easily accessible at local grocery stores. And don’t be surprised if you become a celebrity in your own hometown for sharing your great recipes.

Most of us are open to healthful ideas these days, be it food, exercise or lifestyle in general. We can’t ignore the stats about America’s obesity—and subsequent health problems. Lifestyle change ideas will be very welcome.

The promise of 2 Corinthians 5:17 can be claimed for you, your friends and your family. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

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