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Life is always a little crazier during the holidays. But this year just seems to have been worse. For the last several weeks I’ve found myself repeating the same conversation with friends, parents and my husband, “I think I’m doing too much. Things seem to be flying by too fast. I’m tired and find I’m running around too often.” Too much. Too fast. Too often.

Romans 8:26 says, “ In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.”  Though I hadn’t prayed about it specifically, God decided to answer me anyway.  

I received an invitation from the military on our base to appear before the traffic warden because of the two tickets I’d received since we moved here. Even though I tried desperately to cry during the hearing, he suspended my license for 30 days. THEN I cried.

Better Punishment

I’ve been alternating between feelings of guilt, sadness, anger and frustration. The funny part has been my realization that it’s actually a much better punishment than the usual fee imposed by the highway patrol. I mean, as a parent I want punishments to fit the crime. When Jake draws on the walls, the punishment is to clean it up. Though I hate to admit it, when I’ve messed up driving it only makes sense to take away my ability to drive.

So even though I hate this suspension, I get it. And I think I’m getting that maybe there needs to be some suspension of craziness in my life as well. The holidays will always get a little nuts, but I think I need to remember that the quality of the time I’m able to spend with my family and friends is much more important than the quantity of parties or presents or Christmas cards given and received.

Since having my license suspended, I’ve spent more time with my husband (as he drives us from place to place), more time exercising (as I walk from place to place), and have had the chance to reevaluate the frantic schedule I’d created for myself and my kids. I’ve had a chance to be still and reconnect with myself and my family. 

My wish for you is to have a few extra moments to be still during this holiday season. And if you need tips on getting your license suspended, give me a call!

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