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Blue Christmas
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Are you having trouble getting into the holiday spirit this year? Just don’t feel up to all the festivities? Maybe it’s been a tough year, one of loss or loneliness. And perhaps all the cheery glitter and glitz of the season is making you feel even worse.

If you’re melancholy when the world around you seems to be joyously celebrating, don’t feel guilty. It’s safe to assume that plenty of other people are feeling blue, too. Many of them are just trying to hide it. But we all know that it doesn’t work to paste on a huge smile and try to make yourself all peppy. Being a fake never helps.

Instead, look for one small thing each day to focus your thoughts on and appreciate. Maybe it will be a bit of sunshine in your window. Or a child’s smile (they’re usually genuine). Or a velvet ribbon on a holiday decoration.

Silence a Precious Treasure

Maybe it will be a pleasant aroma. Or a tinkling bell. Or silence. Remember what a priceless treasure silence can be. You can always create sound with the push of a button. But you can’t always have quietness.

Like a rainbow, happiness comes in different colors. Sometimes it is red with excitement, or yellow with bliss. But sometimes happiness needs a rest—a bit of blue tranquility.

Some churches are recognizing the need for a time of calmness during the frantic holiday rush by holding “Blue Christmas” church services featuring low lights and subdued meditations and music. The resulting sense of peacefulness is really joy taking a rest.

Whatever activities you choose to participate in—or skip—this holiday season, remember that God accepts you, however you’re feeling. And God cares about your life, whatever “color” it may be.

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