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A Gift for Moms
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This article is especially for you Moms—from one Mom to another. The holidays are a time for giving. Giving cards. Giving home-baked cookies. Giving gifts. And since Moms are often the ones who make Christmas happen, we forget to take care of ourselves. So I want to talk about giving yourself a gift this Christmas: the gift of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Here are some helpful ways to give yourself these three gifts and have a much happier holiday:

Physical Health

Remember to eat well. The holidays are full of rich, fattening foods. Take time for a quick, healthy meal instead of snacking your way through a busy day. Try to limit yourself to one or two cookies at a time (instead of six!) and don’t overeat at meals. Challenge yourself to view holiday meals as any other meal, and don’t eat more than you normally would.

Remember to exercise. If you’re on a regular exercise program, now isn’t the time to quit, even though the days are full. Exercise is a great stress reliever, and you actually feel more energetic after a workout, so you can accomplish more. If you don’t normally exercise, now is a great time to start! Choose an activity you enjoy and do it daily.

Remember to get enough sleep. With all the extras going on in addition to your normal life at work and home, it’s easy to let a good night’s sleep slip away. Try to stay on the same getting up and going to bed schedule. Plan out your days so that you’re not up late doing last minute “musts.” You may think you have to stay up late to get more done, but it actually robs you of your energy for the next day—and you’ll get less done.

Emotional Health

Unfortunately, stress can come with the holidays. Set realistic goals for yourself. A simpler Christmas with a relaxed Mom makes a sweeter memory that an extravagant Christmas with a stressed-out Mom. Make a list with deadlines so there’s no last minute crunch. Then assign tasks to family members. You don’t have to do it all yourself, you know. When you don’t share the tasks, others don’t get to share in the joy.

Spiritual Health

Christmas is not all about the shopping, the presents, the food, or the decorating. It’s about “The Gift.” In all your holiday business, take your family to church. Read the Christmas story found in Luke 2:1-20. Sing Christmas hymns. Share Jesus with others through Christmas cards or inviting them to your church’s Christmas program.

These are just some ideas that I find helpful as a Mom who absolutely loves the holidays. It all begins for my family today. My husband will bring in the boxes and we’ll begin to decorate. And I’m just thinking…I have 24 days until Christmas. Surely I can get everything done while following my own advice! Surely I can get everything done while remembering the reason for the season.

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