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To All Nations
Photo: Gavin Mills
At the end of long and grueling trips to build churches and schools in Central America, awaited long and grueling plane rides home. And when it became time to board the plane after each trip, intense waves of emotions would wash over me that I could never quite understand. The wheels would lift off the sticky tropical tarmac and I could not for the life of me figure out why I had been in that country. Was it to help the less fortunate? Was it to have an adventure? Was it to make myself feel better about my general spiritual apathy back home? Or was it to help spread the Gospel? 

Rising above rainforest canopies and a green that I will never forget, I felt a sense of pride and a sense of shame. What would my story be when I arrived home? That I had gone cliff jumping and snorkeled in the Caribbean? Or that I had helped teach an entire village’s children to sing "Jesus Loves Me"?

Hope to the Hopeless

In Mark 16:15, Jesus compels us to "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” When Jesus entreats us to spread the good news, I cannot help but think that his words are meant not only to bring hope to the hopeless, but to instill hope in us as well. 

While my motivations for traveling to the third world to spread the “good news” may be a bit fuzzy, I am positively certain that the acts outside of the motivations are vehicles of hope. Both in the lives of those who attended the churches and schools that I helped build, and in my sometimes apathetic soul, hope and good news was given a chance to flourish. The retrospect view of my actions reveals not a purity of heart or of thought, but faith that hope can be wrought from any act that the Lord blesses.

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