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Seeing as God Sees
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It was late afternoon and my husband had just returned to his desk after attending a company-wide meeting. Rumors that had been circulating for months had finally been confirmed. Layoffs were imminent. The engineering staff had been told, “If you get a call offering you a transfer to another location, take it, because you no longer have a job at this facility.” As he sat down at his desk, the phone rang with a job offer at another location. What did this mean? A quick conversation with his manager didn’t yield any answers.

When my husband came home that day with the news, we were filled with questions. Would he really be let go from his current job? How could we move? We were in the middle of a major renovation of our house that would take months to complete. How could we possibly sell it for the price we would need with it torn apart? Why today of all days did we receive this news? We were leaving later that night to attend a brother’s wedding in another state. It would be several days before my husband would be back at work to follow-up on the job transfer and the status of his current job.

As we packed the van and drove away that evening, we were full of mixed emotions. We spent the next few days excited to be with family and friends sharing such a joyous occasion, but in the backs of our minds the questions were swirling. How will it all work out? What will the next few weeks hold? We prayed and pondered silently, not wanting to cast a shadow on the festivities with our news. Together we continued to bewail the terrible timing of the company’s announcement. Not only were we far from home and unaware of what was transpiring with the job, but we missed the support we would have felt if we could have shared our anxieties.

Don't Worry

Arriving home after driving all night, we were trying to catch up on some much needed sleep, when the phone rang. We were so tired that we let the answering machine pick up as we listened. It was my husband’s manager with the news that everything was worked out and his job at his current location was secure. “Don’t worry, all is well!”

In retrospect, we realized that while we were lamenting what to us seemed like terrible timing, God was behind the scenes orchestrating events for our good. His timing is always perfect! Because my husband had gotten the call when he did and had spoken with his manager, his manager had been able to include my husband in the engineering team that he was reorganizing.

At times, I am still tempted to wonder, “God, do you really know what You are doing?” “How is this going to work out?” But I’ve come to realize that for God, all of time is one continuous, complete scene. God sees the past, the present and the future all at once. If we could see time as God sees it we would know without a doubt that all things truly do work together for good for those who love Him! (Romans 8:28).

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