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Gimme' A Break!
Photo: Igor Tomic
Gimme a break! That’s all I could think of as I was shoveling the dirt from around the manhole cover. I had taken a job with a construction and demolition crew during the hot months of summer, and with temperatures in the high 90’s all I could think of was taking a breather.

The work was honest and payed well, but it was hot, sweaty, and dirty. I worked long days that seemed to go on without end, but when it came time to jump in the car for the drive back home I’d feel a sense of relief and peace as the summer wind blew in my window. For at least a short while I wouldn’t have to see the handle of a shovel, or listen to the loud roar of heavy equipment. The anxiety would drain from my body, and I was left with a feeling of satisfaction that I could rest for the night. Sometimes, it almost seemed like a mini-vacation.

That same feeling of peace and relief can be duplicated in anyone’s life… no matter what they do for a living. It’s called the Sabbath, and it’s God’s way of helping mankind to re-focus, re-group, and re-juvenate.

Day Pass

In the Bible, God tells us to “remember the Sabbath day,” but remembering is more than just paying attention to another rigid set of rules to keep. It’s a divine “day pass” from all the things that weigh us down in this world. It’s a spiritually mandated break in the daily grind of life to reflect, spend time with family, and spend time with God.

Mankind says “gimme a break!” God says “don’t just take a break, take an entire day, and see just how good the Sabbath can make you feel!” Try it and see. You may just discover that you and your family think it’s the best day of the week.

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