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Moving 101
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“I will never go through another move like this one!” I said.

Over the years we have moved several times so you would think that we had the process perfected, but alas, such was not the case. When the moving truck arrived, we still had boxes to pack, the freezer to empty, much of the basement to sort and pack and the house to clean. Three days later, after a tremendous amount of help from friends and family, we were finally heading to our new home. It was then that I vowed that our next move would be different and thankfully, it was. Even though we moved during my husband’s final week of classes at seminary, I felt more organized and less stressed. Here are a few simple ideas that really made a difference!

Moving Tips

1. Leaving behind close friends and a familiar home can be a scary thought for children. The first thing our children said when my husband and I told them of our plans for my husband to change careers and become a pastor was, “That will mean we have to move a lot!” It wasn’t a happy prospect for them. One thing we did to make moving less traumatic was to provide something for them to look forward to. The anticipation of a new puppy (we ended up with two) and a kitten helped to ease some of the sadness of leaving their friends.

2. Start planning early. It isn’t practical to pack most items more than a few weeks in advance of your move, but start sorting through things, getting rid of things you know you don’t want to move. Have a yard sale. Extra cash is always welcome and you won’t have to pack those unwanted items!  It will be much easier for others to help if you’re not sorting through clutter as you pack.

3. Make a timeline for your move and a checklist of things that need to be done at each step along the way. This will help to avoid things being forgotten in the rush of the actual move. I have tried to drop off the form to forward our mail as we left town only to find the post office closed. Having a timeline can help to avoid forgetting the little details.

4. If you are blessed with friends that want to help, accept it with gratitude! Don’t try to convince yourself you can do it all or wait till the last minute to ask. The more you have done ahead of time, the more calm and relaxed moving day will be. My sanity was saved during our recent move by friends that came to pack, entertain the kids, and help clean.

5. Try to relax. Things are going to get broken, scratched and lost. I’ve told myself often in the midst of a move, “that’s just a little more character being added to my furniture.” Even the smoothest moves will be stressful, but in the end, you will arrive at your new home! 

Moving can be challenging, but with a lot of prayer and planning, moves can also be fun and exciting. Your moving stories just might become some of your family’s favorite tales to share!

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