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Family Worship 101
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Family worship has taken a bad rap!  Over the years, so many family worships have been so boring and dry that many grown children now don’t follow the tradition of worship with their own families. That’s a tragedy, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some tips to help make family worship better:

1. Make it consistent – When you have family worship is not nearly as important as making sure that you have it at about the same time everyday. Life is busy for everyone, so make sure your entire family can set aside a time that works for all who are included. Talking with your children and having them help you choose a time that works will move you forward in getting them involved.

2. Make it happy – Nothing says “boring” like dry, monotone, lifeless story regurgitation recited by an exhausted, frowning mom or dad. Happiness at family worship time begins with the parents, so put a smile on and bring some enthusiasm into your voice as you lead.  Remember who you’re there to worship, and just how special your meeting with the Creator can be. Lead by example.

3. Make it quick – Long, drawn out family worships don’t help anyone…including you! It’s better to be brief and enthusiastic about your topic for that day, than to carry on about a subject until everyone is pleading for you to stop (even if they’re doing it under their breath.) 

4. Make it age appropriate – Everyone in your family has things going on in their individual lives. Teens have different anxieties than little children do. Make sure that you are speaking to their age, and not over their heads.

5. Make it focused – Trying to hit too many topics during one worship has the potential of frustrating the children and you. Focus your energy on one topic and plan how you’ll achieve that goal.  Fifteen minutes of planning ahead can make the difference between knowing what you’re trying to accomplish and not having a clue.

6. Make it unpredictable – If your children know exactly what to expect for content every day, chances are they may not look forward to it. Pleasant surprises give them something to anticipate, and create an environment of learning and growing.

Family worship has the potential to bring your family closer together. Praying, singing, and worshipping together is a great step towards bringing a more spiritual atmosphere to your home.

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