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It's Not Fair!
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It’s not fair! How many times, as parents, have we heard those words?

“It’s not fair that I have to do more chores than my younger sister.” 

“His piece of pie is bigger than mine, it’s not fair.”   

“It’s not fair that I have to be nice to him when he’s so mean to me.”  

Children seem to have a keen sense of fairness or unfairness as they perceive it.

We notice it acutely in our children at times, but are we as adults ever afflicted with that same malady? I have to admit that sometimes I’m tempted to complain to God about things in my life that don’t seem quite fair. Ina the book of Psalms, I see that David also had his moments of complaining and questioning God about the unfairness he perceived.

Not long ago, I was reading a news article about yet another bombing in Iraq, and it hit me how very true it is. Life really isn’t fair!

Is it fair that I live in a country where I hop in my car and run to the store without a thought, while for others every simple trip to the grocery store is filled with danger? 

Why was I privileged to be raised in a Christian family while others grow up in the inner city with fellow gang members the closest thing to a family that they know? 

Why am I healthy while a young friend with small children struggles with a terminal illness? 

As I thought about it I realized that the list could go on and on.

The Ultimate Question

And of course the ultimate question, why did Jesus have to die to pay the penalty for my sin while I am given the free gift of eternal life? I have sinned against God. How could it be fair for Jesus to take my punishment? (Isaiah 53). How was it fair for Jesus to humble Himself, become a man and be treated so harshly by the very children He himself created? (Philippians 2). As hard as it is to comprehend, the very plan of salvation that seems so unfair for God was God's solution for saving us and yet for God to be just and fair.

Life isn’t fair. For now, I have to accept the fact that I don’t understand why some things happen, why each person faces the particular set of circumstances that they’ve been dealt in this life. What I do know is that God understands the complexities of fairness and unfairness. I know that God's love for me and every other person who has ever lived is so deep, so great, and so incomprehensible, that Jesus was willing to experience the ultimate unfairness in order to save us. So I will trust God with the troubling questions about the unfairness I see, because while life isn’t fair, I know God is!

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