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Fleece Drenching
Photo: Vallentin Vassileff
"Then Gideon said to God, “If you are truly going to use me to rescue Israel as you promised, prove it to me in this way. I will put a wool fleece on the threshing floor tonight. If the fleece is wet with dew in the morning but the ground is dry, then I will know that you are going to help me rescue Israel as you promised.” And that is just what happened. When Gideon got up early the next morning, he squeezed the fleece and wrung out a whole bowlful of water" Judges 6:36-38).

Gideon was a man of doubt. Sometimes I am a man after Gideon’s own heart. He had the audacity to test the Almighty. The braggadocio to tell a messenger of God that his intentions must be proved before he would bend his will to Jehovah’s. Not just once, but twice did Gideon demand proof by miracle. Now that is a man who is unafraid to question authority!

A while back, as a freshly minted graduate from a Master's program, I began to wonder like Gideon if the path that I felt God was asking me to follow needed to be elucidated a bit more thoroughly. I suppose like Gideon I was digging deep into my well of bravado to suppose that he who separated the waters of the earth needed to show me the proof of his will. Regardless, I asked for the proof nonetheless. And fleece after fleece after fleece after fleece that I put out would be still be dry long after I put it out. And by fleece, I mean job applications that I was furiously sending to the four corners of the earth seeking gainful employ. In all honesty, I began to wonder if God even saw how many fleeces I was putting out for him to sprinkle, wet, drench or even consume with fire. I was desperate for any sign! But it seemed as though drought had struck, and my prayers were lost into the ether. If Jesus’ words “ye of little faith” have not popped into your head by now, then they should immediately do so.

Skies Broke Loose

A small rain cloud appeared in the distance with the request of an interview from a large education corporation located in New York. I thought, “well not what exactly what I had in mind Lord,” but the fleece was finally damp! And then there were two clouds. Then Three. Then the skies broke loose with such a torrential downpour that there was not a fleece left that was not soaked.

Not only did the Lord provide, but he provided above and beyond anything I had ever asked for. I was hired at an institution that would be a dream for any educator to work at, and for a position that hundreds of others had applied to. And just to further obliterate any doubts that I could possibly be harboring, the location of this position was in a town where my wife, son and I would be surrounded by family in one of the most beautiful areas on God’s green earth. Not only did God wet my fleece, but he broke open the levee of blessings as well.

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