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Moving Forward
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When my husband told me he had found a wonderful teaching position in a beautiful part of Oregon, I was overwhelmed with joy. But as the thought of actually having to pack up and move started to sink in, I began to feel stressed, frustrated and sad. I didn’t want to leave my friends and family where I was, nor did I want to spend tedious time packing all of our belongings and hauling them to a new place. The place I lived worked for me. I was comfortable where I was.

I really struggled with finding the motivation to pack and get ready for our move. I spent much needed time in prayer. Eventually I realized I had forgotten to focus on the wonderful aspects of moving; my husband's family lives in the same town where we’d be moving; his job is ideal; the location offers many different opportunities.

Broaden Horizons

I began to see that even though it’s hard to pack up and move, sometimes God calls me to move on to new experiences. He wants to broaden my horizons. God doesn't ask me to be comfortable, but to experience life and follow His calling where I can be used best. I am excited about our move now and see it as a time for change. It’s the next step in our lives.

My faith is further strengthened by Proverbs 16:1-3, “We humans make plans, but the Lord has the final word. We may think we know what is right, but the Lord is the judge of our motives. Share your plans with the Lord, and you will succeed." 

While major changes in life are never easy, God always provides the strength and encouragement to not only face them, but welcome them.

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