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Woke Up
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My older sister, Cheryl, was an excellent student. When she was in high school, she taped a hand-made poster on the wall just above her desk at home that said, “There will be sleeping enough in the grave.”  I believe Benjamin Franklin was the originator of that adage, and Cheryl took it to heart as she burned the late night oil studying. It paid off too. She graduated salutatorian of her class and went on to earn a teaching degree.

I thought of that poster the other night when I found myself unable to sleep. I woke up at 3 a.m. as though I’d been sleeping for a week undisturbed. Totally wakeful. So, I got up and settled into a chair in the living room. Maybe I’d get sleepy there, I thought. Nope. So, I turned on the television to a religious station. Maybe that would put me to sleep, I mused. But the sermon I heard did anything but put me to sleep. It was a wonderful speaker, who inspired me greatly. After that, a musical program came on, which was also a wonderful blessing. Still wakeful, I decided to spend the time in prayer. Ah-ha!, I thought, maybe that’s why God woke me to begin with. So, I prayed for a list of people, including myself.

Finally, I looked out the window and noticed it was dawn. "That’s great," I whined to myself. Now, I’m going to be tired all day. But I wasn’t! The inspirational encounters of those hours had actually provided a type of rest that I wouldn’t have had in my bed. I felt revived!

Spiritual Sleep

Yes, “there will be sleeping enough in the grave.” But that goes even more for spiritual sleep. Are you wasting your life in spiritual slumber? Are you missing out on active time with Jesus while your spirit sleeps? If so, here are some suggestions for waking up your spirit:

1) Turn off the TV (or tune it to a religious station)

2) Join a prayer meeting or study group, even if you have to start one!

3) Walk outdoors every day. Pray for others while you walk.

4) Ask God for divine appointments with Him.

"But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer" (Luke 5:16). Follow Jesus' example, be revived by starting your day in prayer.

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