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Red Car Envy
Photo: Steve Woods
It was hard to miss. Parked in front of the church was a beautiful cherry-red convertible. The top down and in the driver’s seat, Leslie was reclining, her blond hair flowing over the headrest. She looked happy and peaceful and all I could think about was the convertible I’d left behind in California and how envious I was of her and her cherry ride.

My first convertible had been a gift for my 40th birthday. My husband and kids had gone to the dealership and ordered just the right one and we waited and waited and waited. Production bogged down and it was months before I got it, but it was worth the wait. I drove it until it died 10 years later. 

My divorce, a move to Florida and financial woes kept me in less than flashy cars for the next 10 years. When I got a little ahead, I went to a used car lot and purchased another convertible. Unfortunately, I hadn’t done my homework and within a year I’d spent more on it than it was worth and turned it in for an economy car. Two years down the line, I spied another used convertible and it was mine.

Trusty Four-door

My move to St. Louis this winter had me toying with the intelligence of my ride. Number one, it leaked when it rained. In Southern California, that’s not too much of a problem, but St. Louis? Also, if my grandson came along, the only way to get him and his car seat in the back seat, was to put the top down. My ride now is a trustworthy and comfortable four-door.

So back to beautiful Leslie and the car. I said the appropriate compliments. Being new to the church, I didn’t know Leslie very well, but went ahead and questioned her about how long she’d had it.

“It was a gift,” she said. “Both of our cars were having problems and someone just offered us this car. I could never have a car like this otherwise.”

Now I was really jealous and wished for my own benefactor, until she continued.

“It’s more than a blessing as transportation,” she went on to say. “I call it our therapy car. Now that Madison is so sick, she can’t get out to play but she enjoys taking rides with the top down. It gets her out in the fresh air.”

Then I remembered where I’d heard Leslie’s name. We’d been praying for her family since her 10-year-old had been diagnosed with cancer and had been undergoing chemotherapy. I wasn’t jealous anymore. Just so very thankful that there were kind and generous Christians who saw a need and met it. I don’t know whether or not Leslie had prayed for a beautiful red convertible, but God knew just what that family needed.

“I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers” (Isaiah 65:23-25).

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