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Broken and Saved
Photo: Fran Priestley
When I was fourteen years old, my friend's family went through a rather messy divorce. Their family life had never looked perfect because he was a police officer working the night rounds, but when one saw my friend's parents together at a birthday party (or some other kind of event) they seemed to be relatively happy. The news of their divorce was definitely a shock to my friend, her mother, and her brother.

I was not a Christian at this time, but my Christian friend and I spent many days together that summer. Her dad had not really liked his daughter coming over to my house since I was not a Christian and he thought I was a bad influence on his child. Even if I was a bad influence on her, our time spent together lead me to become a Christian. I had the opportunity to realize that my friend, her mother, and her brother where mainly surviving because they believed in God.

Something to Believe In

During this difficult time, my friend and I went away on a youth group retreat. We arrived at the retreat and the first thing on the schedule was a worship service. I remember thinking the experience was slightly strange (because I had never really been to church), but I kind of liked it. My friend was obviously feeling really broken, so our youth pastor decided to pray for her. As I watched tears streaming from her eyes, I felt broken too. I decided that I wanted to have what she had. If I were to ever go through something this difficult it would be nice to be able to ask for prayer. Plus, secretly I had always wanted to have something to believe in since I was raised with no religion at all.
I accepted Jesus that day. Without fully understanding what would come next, but I knew I would never be the same again.

Even though this divorce was an extremely painful experience for my friend, I know that God did at least one good thing through it. He saved my life.

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