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Rebuilding Louisiana
Photo: Palmer W. Cook
The goals that have been set as Louisiana rebuilds after hurricane devastation make sense for the future of any community. Some 205,000 homes have been destroyed, and most of the jobs are gone in New Orleans and other coastal communities. The residents face the largest and most difficult redevelopment task in the nation’s history, and Governor Kathleen B. Blanco convened a major conference in November to give everyone an opportunity to help shape the goals for the future. The results are something you may want to hold up for consideration in this community:

1. Enhance the quality of life and restore confidence

2. Promote equitable economic growth

3. More livable communities; mixed-income housing with local businesses in each neighborhood

4. Sustainable approaches to energy, transit, land use and building construction

5. Protect the environment and public health

6. Preserve the best of the past

7. Withstand future disasters

A 26-member representative steering committee called the Louisiana Recovery Authority (LRA) has selected from 14 applicants three planning firms and a nonprofit advocacy and information group to help local communities forge detailed plans based on these goals. “Ideas will bubble up from the communities,” the Bayoubuzz.com news service quotes LRA member Rod West. “The planners’ job is to incorporate them into a coherent vision.” Is this how the process works in our local community?

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