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Hello Daddy
Photo: Anissa Thompson
Every day around 4 p.m. my husband comes home from work. He looks tired, but is always enthusiastic to talk to me and spend some quality time with our two children.

Our son is almost two years old. His greeting for Daddy is filled with any form of expression he has been practicing that day. Maybe he will run up to Daddy with wide open arms, longing to be picked up. Other days he is practicing his words and he will say, “Hi Dad.” The greetings change, but all of them are expressions of love stating that he is pleased to know that his Daddy is home.

Then there is a more challenging greeting from our seven-month-old little girl. She is still very attached to mommy and hardly wants anyone else to hold her. Daddy reaches out for her and some days it may be alright for a few minutes, other days the tears are almost instantly as she is placed in his arms. However, she will happily come back to Mommy and smile at Daddy from a distance to acknowledge Daddy is home.

Children's Greetings

My two little ones adore their Daddy, but have very different ways of expressing it. A huge difference is their ages and their ability to fully understand what is happening. In both of my children's greeting there is a love an appreciation for Daddy's return.

When observing my two children, I picture how God must view my greetings to him. Whether I'm singing a worship song at church, or just going about my daily business, my communication to God the Father growing and changing? Between the ages of seven months old and almost two years old the differences in expressions are hard to miss. I know I cannot possibly have learned every greeting to share with my Father God. My desire is to keep learning new ways to show Him love.

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