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Come, Jesus! Today!
Photo: Christopher Potter
Lately, I’ve been riding somewhat of an emotional roller-coaster. I notice I’m not alone, either, as nearly every seat on that ride is packed to capacity!  And why wouldn’t it be? As a friend from my teenage years once said so profoundly, “Life’s hard.” 

Life’s hard. Simply said, but acutely true. No one gets by without life being hard. For the Christian, the high points are credited to God and the low points are taken to God. In times of severe lows, the Christian is drawn into “hope mode” and dreams of Heaven and of the New Earth. This is a most effective coping mechanism for the believer as it points to a solution for any and every problem that this life creates.

Recently, I found myself once again thinking, Oh, it will be so great when Jesus comes and takes us home with him. I pondered on the pain and loneliness that will vanish for all of those who have chosen Jesus. I gloried in the thought that as a mother I’ll never again worry about my children in any way. Hospitals will be non-existent. Money will be valueless. Abuse will be a foreign word. Come, Lord Jesus, I heard myself say.

High Points

Yes, anyone who is alive in this world can relate to the pain and challenges that it breeds. And anyone who has hope in the coming of Jesus shares in the relief of knowing that one day all things will be made new and every moment will be blissful and contented and glorified by the daily companionship of Jesus…in person!  But what about the high points of this life. It’s easy to look to the future of heaven when we’re in a valley, but are we still as homesick for heaven when things are going great here?

I thought about that and I’m thinking about it still. I’m asking God to sensitize me in every situation to long more and more for the fulfillment of the plan of salvation. I want to be just as thrilled about going to heaven on my best day on earth as I am on my worst. I want my most contented, joyful, successful, healthy, and fulfilling day in this life to be the same day that I lift my hands to heaven and shout with clarity, “Come, Lord Jesus! Today! Open the sky, bring on the trumpeted angels, open the graves, lift my feet from this place, and usher me into your very presence. Today."

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him” (I Corinthians 2:9).

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