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Socks and Discernment
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Our dog, Socks, is a big wimp when it comes to thunderstorms. She is a very mild-mannered Border Collie, who doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body. However, when a storm is brewing, she does everything she can to get in the house and she will not take “no” for an answer. She will even sit in the rain for hours by the door, until someone finally notices her. And once the crack of the door is opened, she presses her long nose through and bolts into the room. We usually have pity on Socks and allow her to stay in one room of the house overnight to give her shelter.

In addition to just plain being afraid of storms, Socks is also a very accurate weather dog. There are times when we will open the door and in she will dart! We look outside to find a blue sky and shining sun. But we’ve learned that even though the sun is shining, if Socks is running in the house, a storm will soon be moving in. I guess you could say she has a sort of storm discernment.

Spiritual Storm

The Bible warns of a storm that is to come just before Jesus returns. A spiritual storm. The problem is that this storm will not be as apparent to some as to others. It won’t be accompanied by actual crashes of thunder and bolts of lightening. It won’t have literal winds and torrents of rain to cue us that it has arrived. Rather, it will move in while the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Still, it will move in, and only those who have tuned their senses to the Word of God and who have followed after Jesus will be discerning of its coming. Only those who have listened to the Forecaster, will find shelter.

If Socks can sense a storm before there are any signs of it, then surely we can spot the storm that has been so clearly described in the Bible for us. The winds of strife are being loosened. A spiritual storm is brewing. But on the other side of the wind is a rainbow that never fades. And it rests over the throne of God.
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