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Selling Cleveland
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The clever headline caught my eye. A new campaign to promote northeast Ohio is nearing launch by the Greater Cleveland Marketing Alliance.

According to The Plain Dealer on April 29, 2007, there is no one better than current residents to suggest reasons to live in the region. The following are excerpts from Cleveland area readers:

From Brian E. Powers, chief executive officer, Caxton Growth Partners:  “The biggest problem facing the region today is the inability to attract and train workers with talents necessary to support growing market segments like technology, health care, biosecience and advanced manufacturing. So what’s our value proposition to these workers? ‘For talented people in high–growth segments, Cleveland is the best city in the world in which to live because it is a great place to raise a family.’ . . .We need to emphasize what we have for those who are attracted to the message—short commutes, affordable houses, big back yards, ability to live on one income, less rigorous work schedules. . . .”

From Arthur W. Ohl, South Euclid: “You want a skilled work force to draw from. We got it. “You want affordable cost of living. We got it. “You want reasonable office space rents. We got it. “You want friendly people. We got it. “You want lakes, parks and great recreation facilities. We got it. “You want professional sports teams. We got it. “We want you. We get it.”

From Michael L. Heil, president and chief executive officer, Ohio Aerospace Institute:  “. . .We have an unmatched window to assert our leadership in aerospace-related industries to the benefit of all who reside in the region. To promote this capacity and establish clusters, we must strengthen aerospace networks, collaborations and investments in research and education. We must act like a brand.”

THINK ABOUT IT:  How would you answer if someone asked you to develop a marketing campaign for your community?

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