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He Sees the Sparrow
Photo: Luis Rock
Jerevien loved birds. She loved birds so much that her pets were all different kinds of birds. Jerevien had three parrots, five sparrows, and one bright-red cardinal named Firecracker.

One day, while Jerevien was feeding her sparrows, Mother called her to help plant fruit and vegetables in the garden. Jerevien finished pouring the birdseed into the feeder and ran outside to help Mother. In all the excitement, Jerevien had forgotten to latch the sparrows’ cage door closed.

After picking all of the corn, beans, and fruits she could carry, Jerevien took some of the leftover seeds and decided to give them to her sparrows as a treat. She ran into the house and went straight to the cage. She saw that the door was wide open and that her sparrows were gone! Jerevien was frantic. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She ran to Mother with tears streaming down her face and told her what had happened. Mother knew exactly what to do to help her daughter. They both knelt down in the middle of the garden and prayed for her feathery friends.

Trail of Seeds

When they had finished, Mother suggested that Jerevien put a trail of seeds from outside the window to the cage door. Mother took a handful of seeds, and so did Jerevien. One at a time, Jerevien plopped the seeds from the windowsill to the cage door. Mother and Jerevien then sat and waited. After about 10 minutes of waiting, Jerevien saw something moving in the sky. One, two, three, four, her little sparrows swooped down from the sky and ate the treats. They followed the trail of seeds that led them into their cage. But where was the fifth and littlest sparrow? 

Jerevien began to worry. She closed the cage door so that the other sparrows could be safe, and then she looked out of the window. Mother soon joined her and they looked and looked. They prayed again, and they continued to look for what seemed forever to Jerevien. 

Finally, the last sparrow swooped down from the sky and perched on the windowsill. Mother and Jerevien said a prayer of thanksgiving and put it back into the cage, safe and sound. 

During worship that night, Jerevien and Mother happily shared the story with the rest of the family. All the other birds seemed happy, too, because they chirped and squawked and flapped their wings in their cages. They must have had the same thing on their minds that Jerevien did. God’s eye really is on even the littlest sparrow! Danielle N. Quailey is an honor student and freelance writer from Springfield Gardens, New York. 

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By Danielle N. Quailey, an honor student and freelance writer from Springfield Gardens, New York.. Reprinted with persmission from Message Magazine, March/April 2007. Copyright © 2011 by GraceNotes. All rights reserved. Use of this material is subject to usage guidelines.

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