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Lawn Care for Life
Photo: Jonathan Reitz
Weeds thrive in our yard. Some grass grows too, but rather sparsely and plagued with mites and a fungus that attacks grass. The first strike against us is location; grass struggles in Colorado’s arid climate and requires extra effort on the part of the homeowner. Secondly, the previous owners of our house hopelessly neglected the yard for several years before we moved in. For the past two summers we faithfully waged war on the weeds, spending ridiculous amounts of money on weed sprays and then trudging around the yard squirting weeds until our hands cramped. Nothing worked. The dandelions, the bindweed, creeping charlie, and the clover won the war.

This spring we decided to take our lawn maintenance regimen to the next level with help from the professionals. I assumed they would focus most on the weeds, identifying the different varieties and figuring out what chemicals would eliminate which weeds. Instead, they focused more on the condition of the grass itself. In fact, one of the men who came to evaluate the lawn told me the secret. He explained that the most important step to eliminating the weeds was to improve the condition of the grass. After all, there’s no room for weeds to take root in a lawn full of thick, healthy, thriving grass!

Spoke the Truth

I decided that the gentleman from Scotts Lawn Service spoke the truth—and not just about grass. His advice bears a spiritual truth as well. I want the lawn of my heart and mind to grow so full of Jesus that it crowds out Satan and his efforts to plant seeds of sin. To this end, I seek a soul-fertilizing regimen of regular prayer time and Bible study, along with fellowship and worship with other Christians. If I merely attack the sinful weeds in my life, I’ll never win, but a Christ-centered life focus leaves little room for Satan and his bag of evil seeds.

"Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things" (Colossians 3:2).

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