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Carpet Cruising
Photo: Studiomill
I recently visited with my nephews and was amazed to see that nine-month-old Brandon is already beginning to walk with help. He grasps, very tightly, the fingers of whoever is holding him and begins to walk towards the goal—his father’s hands. During the entire process I never once saw him glance around. He didn’t look at any of the rest of us. He didn’t look at his feet or check the color of the carpet. He didn’t even look at the TV to see what show was on. His entire focus and attention was consumed by staring and grinning at the person waiting to catch his little outstretched hands.

How fabulous if our focus on our heavenly Father were that complete and without distraction.

In Matthew 14, we are told the story of Peter’s adventurous water-walking escapade. Jesus’ disciples are in a boat when suddenly a ghost is seen walking towards them. The apparition looks like Jesus, but to double check Peter says, “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water.” (verse 28) And so begins Peter’s brief step into the miraculous. While keeping his eyes on Jesus, Peter is able to walk on water, but the moment his gaze drops, he’s dog paddling. 

Focus Broken

Why did Peter sink? Why did his step falter? Why was he almost lost? Because he looked away from Jesus. He lost sight of the one he was journeying to. His focus was broken and distracted by the dangers of the world around him. 

Are you easily distracted? Find it difficult to stay on the path without being led to the right or the left by fancy billboards offering exciting adventures? Get lost along the way because you can’t help but watch your fellow travelers? Or do you just spend a lot of time staring at your own feet wondering if you really have the energy to take another step?

In all of these ways, our focus is moved from our Father. We get distracted by life. We get tempted by the devil. We get absorbed in our own problems. And we forget that the only way to make it to the other side, the only way to successfully negotiate this expanse of… of… carpet, is to keep our eyes on the outstretched hands of our Father. He’s there just waiting for the grasp of our small fingers.

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