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The Surprise Inside
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“What’s in the trunk?” I asked quizzically. “Nothing but some old newspapers,” came the reply. I was looking at the items in an elderly woman’s home and I knew from my years in the antique auction business that when sorting through an attic you simply have to look at everything. Only by adopting that work ethic can you be sure that something of perhaps incredible value is not missed.

After asking permission, I cracked the lid of the old steamer trunk and peered inside. My heart raced as my flashlight revealed the contents of the musty old time capsule. I was looking at firsthand accounts of days gone by. At the bottom of the trunk were ancient newspapers from the early 1800’s.

I gingerly retrieved the stack of old papers (more than 30 in all), and marveled at the quaint type that was printed on them. When I asked how much she wanted for the ancient periodicals her response astonished me. “Oh, you don’t want those old things. I’ll just throw them out.” I emphatically stated that “I did want those old things,” and proceeded to pay her a price that caused her to gasp in disbelief. She was baffled that anyone would want these old paper relics that had been collecting dust for more than 195 years.

Eternal, Life Altering Truths

As I recently recounted that experience it crossed my mind that we often think about an old book in the same way that this lovely lady pondered those antique newspapers. The Bible is loaded with valuable material and incredible insight. The information inside is more than just interesting dialogue or historical accounts. This amazing book has eternal, life altering value that cannot be accurately estimated.

More often than not though, it’s relegated to a coffee table or night stand where it’s rarely cracked open. The antidote for life’s difficult circumstances frequently sits untouched and unread. For some, it has no more worth than those old newspapers at the bottom of the trunk had for that sweet elderly woman I purchased them from.

It can be re-discovered though, and with time invested it can once again change the lives of those who read it. It’s difficult to put a price on something so amazing!

“By your words I can see where I'm going; they throw a beam of light on my dark path" (Psalms 119:105).

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