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Strong Bones for Kids
Photo: Zheng Xue Ping
Want your kids to have stronger bones? Then tell them to go jump—or run, skip, or play. A new study shows that children who act like . . . well . . . kids—running around, climbing, sliding, and otherwise fighting gravity at every turn—enjoy healthier bones.

Kerry J. MacKelvie, Ph.D., researcher at British Columbia Children’s Hospital, measured girls’ bone density in fifth and sixth grade. Half of the students took part in weight-bearing exercise (running, jumping, skipping) twice a week along with one school-sanctioned exercise session per week. The other half enjoyed two regular physical education (PE) classes only.

The study revealed that those girls who added the weight-bearing exercises boasted 5 percent stronger bones, especially in their hips and spines.

So, go ahead and jump!

“Kids’ Exercise Builds Strong Bones,” by Jeanie Lerche

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