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Urban Photo Contest
Photo: Geoffrey A Stemp
Urban Landscapes is one category of a photography competition for both amateur and professional photographers. National Geographic Traveler (NGT) and Photo District News are sponsoring “World in Focus:  The Ultimate Travel Photography Contests.”

Announced in the May-June 2007 issue of NGT, the call-for-entries describes the photo categories as:

“1.  Wilderness Photography—natural landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, flora and fauna

“2.  The Human Condition—portraits of people in their environment, celebrations, parades, ceremonies

“3.  Extreme Exploration—images that explore remote territory and exotic locations, aerial photography, underwater photography

“4.  Urban Landscapes—cityscapes, towns, villages

“5.  Snapshots—fun, quirky, unpredictable, spontaneous moments

“6.  Open Series (up to six images)—describing the experience of a place in photo essay form

Submission Requirements

“Submission requirements for amateurs:  “Photos shot with a digital camera should be submitted online at www.worldinfocuscontest.com . Color or black-and-white prints or 35mm duplicate transparencies should be mailed to the NGT entry address. Original negatives or transparencies must be available so winners’ pictures can be published.

“Awards and Prizes [for amateurs]:  Winning images will be featured in the Annual Photography issue of National Geographic Traveler in January 2008. Prizes include destination trips, cameras, and other equipment.”

NOTE:  Submitted materials with fees are due August 21, 2007, and will not be returned. For complete details (including submission requirements and prizes for professionals), entry forms, fees and contest rules/regulations are available at www.worldinfocuscontest.com.

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