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How God Speaks To Me
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When I was a little girl, there were times that I would ask God to speak to me through lightening bolts and a loud booming voice. At the time, I didn't understand why He wouldn’t talk to me that way. Even through my high school years, I constantly struggled with how to listen for God’s voice. I recall crying at times because I didn’t think He cared because I couldn’t “hear” Him.

As I got older, I felt as though I had truly gotten to know God better and I changed my selfish childhood demanding ideas of how God should talk to me, looking instead for how He really talks to me. 

I decided to use a prayer journal for my talks with Him. I am one of those people that need to see things happening to actually believe in them. Through journaling I began to see my requests and thanks on the lines of each page. I began to feel overwhelmed with how many things I thought were wrong with my life, and nothing seemed to change with my prayers. I started to feel the childhood ideas of God creeping back into my life. I questioned God, “Why won’t You answer my prayers when You say all we have to do is come to You in humble prayer?” There were days I even skipped journaling because I actually thought it didn’t matter.

Read Some Old Entries

Then one day, I decided to open my prayer journal and read some old entries. And what I saw not only shocked me, but also changed my view and relationship with Christ. As I turned the pages and read my prayers, I saw that every single request had been answered. They may not have been answered and granted how I would have thought or wanted, but they were answered nonetheless and I realized God knew how to handle each request better than I did. How could I have been so doubtful and so selfish? I realized I had been too busy being selfish to even realize that God was trying to speak to me and tell me that He did hear and answer my prayers.

Since that incident, my faith has grown and I'm learning to believe even when I cannot see, touch, or feel God physically. Sometimes I hear Him speak to me through music, through other people, through nature, and definitely through my prayer journaling. I have also come to understand that God does not wave a magic wand over us and grant our every desire just because we asked Him to. Sometimes, He answers our prayers and requests in ways that He knows are best, even if we don’t understand. And sometimes, He doesn’t answer us right away. I have learned to be more patient and diligent in prayer.

God speaks to all of us in many ways. I believe we have to learn how to listen for Him, or we will be like a selfish child, so consumed with our own needs that we miss hearing His soft voice.

“Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

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