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I Am Beautiful
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How is beauty defined? Is it having straight hair, a flawless face, and being able to wear a size 4? The media typically devours women who possess the above qualities. What kind of lifestyle do these women have to live in order to maintain such standards? And what does that say to everyday typical women?

Most people think of beauty as being only a physical trait. Beauty can also come from within and radiate outward. Women spend a lot of time on their physical appearance because they want to be told they are beautiful by someone. I haven’t met a woman yet who didn’t want to feel and be told she was beautiful.

While recently reading a book by Angela Thomas entitled, "Do You Think I’m Beautiful," she talks about how God finds us (women) beautiful. I never really thought about God finding me beautiful. I’ve always known He loves me unconditionally, but it never occurred to me that God actually looks at me and thinks that I am beautiful. It was a wonderful revelation for me. He loves me even if I don’t fit into the media’s criteria. As beautifully stated by Thomas in her book, “When God looks into the eyes of a woman, He sees all the beauty He created there. He sees every potential and every gift. He sees what can be and redeems what has been. He loves the curly hair that you wish were straight. He is taken with your smile and the shape of your nose. He’s crazy about big feet and knobby knees and every curve that is particular to you. He is the One who loves the inside and the outside of you. You were all His idea, and you are physically and emotionally beautiful to Him.” 1

God Finds Me Beautiful

I felt a sense of fulfillment after reading that statement. All I needed was for God to find me beautiful. Once I came to that realization, I found that I wasn’t as concerned about what the world might think about me.

It is important that as women, we feel beautiful, and desired. It’s okay if we don’t fit the “standards,” because Someone greater than the media and all those silly “standards,” finds you beautiful. He finds you absolutely stunning.

1 Thomas, Angela. Do You Think I’m Beautiful.  p. 24

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