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Readers Comments (2013)
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Comments for article: Playing Holy Spirit
Sorochi. Dec 30, 2013.
Wow! What a thought that we might actually do more harm than good when speaking to someone about coming to God. This really changes my mind as to how to go about certain things in my life.

Comments for article: Ugly Gifts
Pat. Dec 29, 2013.
Simple story....food for thought...at any age.

Comments for article: You're Good
Nancy Gerard. Dec 13, 2013.
I am blessed to be one of Betty's students - a wannabe, turned writer - although that is not my paid profession. Betty has inspired me as a writer, but perhaps even more as a woman who is still productive and blossoming, even in her 80's. God has a purpose for every person right up until his or her final day of life. Thank God for role models and mentors like Betty who inspire those of us who are blessed to be within their circle of influence!

Comments for article: Zeroes to Heroes
Joan. Dec 10, 2013.
Thanks for the great tips, Dee. It was easy to find fun things to do with my pre-school grandchildren, but more challenging the older they get. I will keep these tips in mind.

Comments for article: Treasure Hunters
Lois. Dec 10, 2013.
Thank you, Daniel, for reminding us that the only earthy treasures that can accompany us to the Kingdom are the human kind.

Comments for article: Defeat Discouragement
Tessa Swensen. Nov 28, 2013.
The info brought together for this brief article is good to read today as I feel ambivalent about putting myself in the company of certain people for a Thanksgiving gathering. This little outline of things to consider is good to read often.

Comments for article: Acts of Kindeness
Linda. Nov 11, 2013.
I will never forget the "angel" stranger who carried my heavy suitcase (before the days of rolling ones) from the communter train to the Amtrak gate in Chicago. I had just helped my siblings clear out my childhood home as my Dad had Lou Gherig's disease and needed to move out to a care home. I had the suitcase stuffed with a few valuable-to-me items that I wanted to keep as momentos from my childhood. This stranger picked up my suitcase and asked where I was heading and as the masses pulsed around me, I had all I could do to keep up with him. But he got me there and then disappeared into the crowd! I have always held this encounter close to heart and as a reminder that there is still good in this old world and God does provide! Thanks for sharing your experience!

Comments for article: Age-Defying?
Teresa C. Brown. Oct 26, 2013.
Thank you so much for this true enlightning statement. God has kept us and is still keeping us. God "First"....Matt. 6:33 Thanks again..God bless you!

Comments for article: The Shade of a Tree
Carmen. Oct 20, 2013.
Thank you for taking the time to share "The Shade of a Tree." Your words painted a beautiful picture and made me smile. Please know that I appreciated your message, and I will share it with others. May your heart be filled with the peace that your words brought me. All the best in Christ Jesus always,

Comments for article: What Does Daddy Say?
Leonard B. Oct 20, 2013.
This story is great, a nice twist on something we might do everyday with our kids. Very poignant and pointed as well for so many in our world want to "hear" our true love for other people and each other.

Comments for article: The Shade of a Tree
Carole. Oct 15, 2013.
Betty, You're a fine, stately tree---a true friend to me---and I greatly value the shade you cast upon my weary soul. Glide gracefully, dear friend, in your porch swing built for two and I'll see you soon! Carole

Comments for article: Seasons of Change
Carolyn. Oct 12, 2013.
It is so awesome that life is good and sad at the same time, but that awesome reminder that Jesus hears, cares and watches over us is enough to take the good with the sad. Thank you Lord that I have this hope in you.

Comments for article: What Does Daddy Say?
Carole Huddleston. Oct 12, 2013.
Beautiful story...my daughter, my grandson...our loving Father. :)

Comments for article: Does It Matter?
Lois. Oct 9, 2013.
Bill, you are right. My article, “Does it Matter?” is about beliefs. If one is looking only for absolutes with no shadows of doubt, I suspect one would have to stick with mathematics and chemistry. Much in life is about trying to make intelligent choices—choices we believe are in the best interest of ourselves, our family, our nation, our world.

You said a Muslim could have written that article. Perhaps. Most anyone could have written it.

What we believe—about many things, including God--affects our quality and purpose of life, our self-image and interactions with others, and essentially predicates whom we become. If I serve a god of fear and hatred, I will more likely dwell in fear and hatred. If I believe in no principles or purpose, I likely will have neither.

I am not saying that others should believe as I believe. We are unique individuals; unique backgrounds; unique understandings.

I, for one, choose to believe in the God of the Bible (who is not the same God as the God depicted in the Koran). Almost all the religions of the world, including some “Christian” ones, teach that salvation is earned by works or acts of penance. Only the Bible teaches that while we should be obedient to God’s law, there is One whose righteousness is able to save: Jesus Christ.

I am no more righteous now than I was at age five, hiding behind the door because my mother was looking to punish me for another of my frequent infractions of her rules. The God I read of in the Bible is an infinitely more patient “Parent” than was my very human one. When I read of a Savior who took my death penalty for sin upon Himself, I cannot help but love and serve that Savior with my whole heart.

In the end, if I am proved wrong, I have lost nothing. I have lived life with purpose and joy.

Does what we believe matter? I really think so. Thanks for writing.

Comments for article: Does It Matter?
Bill. Oct 1, 2013.
You are, in fact, talking about the words "believe" and "belief", which by definition, means you aren't talking about knowledge. You don't actually know whether ANYTHING mentioned in the Bible regarding the supernatural is actually true, and that's why it's called belief. That's why it's faith. So, you are saying that what people "believe" matters, but basing that on what you "believe." I'll bet there's a Muslim who can write the same article, and plenty of Christian-based cults that could assert their interpretation is correct and how it matters that everyone believe the "correct" thing.

Comments for article: All-y, All-y in Free!
Mary Dybdahl. Sept 28, 2013.
This is a great article about a real problem. I have needed to be perfect my whole life; and of course that is impossible. So hiding and being so quiet that no one notices my imperfection is familiar; so I relate to this article. Now that it has made me more aware I can pray for guidance.

Comments for article: Banana Plants
D. Johnson. Sept. 28, 2013.
Intersting article. Nature is filled with spititual lessons for us. The flowers die only to spring again into new life; and in this we are taught of the resurrection. All who love God will bloom again in the eden above. but nature [alone] cannot teach the lesson of the great and marvelous love of God. In order that the world might not remain in darkness, in eternal spiritual night, the God of nature met us in Jesus Christ.

Comments for article: All-y, All-y in Free!
D. Johnson. Sept 28, 2013.
A thought provoking article. I found myself 'hiding' after many incidences in my life. People I thought I could trust, betrayed that trust. Hiding was in a way protecting myself from hurt. I am learning with God's help to come out of hiding. Thank you for your article.

Comments for article: Great Expectations
Andrea. Sept 17, 2013.
I will join you in expecting great things from God. Thank you for your article.

Comments for article: A Healing Touch
Giny. Sept 16, 2013.
Lorraine, thank you for the reminder that effective caring is not limited to words.

Comments for article: Dear Deer
Ginny Lonser. Sept 16, 2013.
You write so well I could envision witnessing the garden pillage in person. My favorite sweaters (purchased while a college student during a visit to Florence, Italy) vanished from our front porch as I unpacked at Mugonero Hospital in Rwanda. I learned a few lessons: to not turn my back and to leave nothing outdoors even though we had a watchman. When I missed the pink and red sweaters, I told God things were precious to me. This news did not catch Him by surprise. He already knew the story of Lot's wife resonates with me. Besides, I had so many sweaters I couldn't wear them all at once and seldom wore those particular ones precisely because they were so precious to me. Since I distinctly remember giving Him my every thing, if He was willing for someone else to wear His sweaters, so be it! Back then I confided all this to Him with a sharp pang. May those pretty sweaters still keep someone warm even today many years later. I am grateful we human beings are much more important to Him than mere things.

Comments for article: Just As You Are
Sandi. Sept 14, 2013
Thank you, sis!

Comments for article: Shunned Weed
Dorothy Lennox. Sept 13, 2013.
I loved the story and the Psalm regarding the stone. Yes, I feel like that and I just think we Christians need reminding that we are not just anybody but children of the King. I praise God for He is worthy.

Comments for article: Never Forget
Lois. Sept 10, 2013.
This is an article that I wish the President and every person in positions of authority beneath him could read--and remember that it's about human lives and families and not about power. I wish the leaders of the nations could read it. Thank you, Nancy, for sharing it.

Comments for article: Slow Down
Kery. Sept 8, 2013.
Praise the Lord for writing these comments. I have been so grateful for them. It has been a pleasure to just sit and relax which I have started to do and enjoy life. Thank you again for the encouragement. God bless.

Comments for article: Slow Down
Joannie. Sept 7, 2013.
Be still - I like that. Thanks for reminding me the importance of quiet and thoughtful moments.

Comments for article: A Healing Touch
Betty Kossick. August 23, 2013. 
Indeed, the cleaning woman can be called "blessed". She provided the perfect medicine, the human touch, If only each of us might be so wise in providing blessings to others in their times of need.

Comments for article: Dear Deer
Bob. Aug 17, 2013.
That's sweet! Just "surrender" your garden to the long-legged vermin...nah, I don't think so! For one thing, our livelihood depends upon our gardening efforts--completely--so simply giving all our time/effort/investment to preditors isn't an "option" with us (or, I suspect, with many others...) However, there IS another possibility...eat the "dear deer" that are eating (or more likely just "destroying") the garden. Do you not know that another term for deer in the garden is "venision?!?!"

Comments for article: Dear Deer
Anika. Aug 17, 2013.
A good fence does wonders. Think of it as armor for the garden.... God bless!

Comments for article: Keys
Pauline. Aug 16, 2013.
Thank you.

Comments for article: Longing To Be a Mom
Melissa. Aug 1, 2013.
This was such an on-time message for me as I am coming to terms with the same subject matter. Thank you.

Comments for article: Finding Truth
Lois. July 29, 2013.
That cat story reminds me of Christ's talk about sheep: the sheep may all look similar but only those who know the Shepherd's voice will trust and follow Him. (ref. John 10:1-5.) Thanks for sharing that rather heart-breaking experience!

Comments for article: God Provides
Teresa. July 21, 2013.
Oh yes He does! Men, in the biblical sense, let us down, but God always, always is there and works it out somehow. Thank you for sharing your stories. In this day and age more and more will be needing their inspiration to turn and rely on God.

Comments for article: God Provides
Anonymous. July 15, 2013.
Thank you so much for sharing this. You have given me the faith to continue on and understand what God is doing and saying to me at this time. God's abundant blessings to you and your family.

Comments for article: A Prudent Wife
Sheri M. July 15, 2013.
Thank you for a wonderful article.

Comments for article: Pen Pals
Sunshine. July 14, 2013.
This is very true in that pen pals are a great way to introduce children to the old world.

Comments for article: The Golden Rule
James. July 12, 2013.
As funny as the story was, I believe that the lesson is even more important. I pray that God will enable me to always "Do to others as I would have them do to me".

Comments for article: God Provides
Anonymous. July 9, 2013.
Yes God does provide. When things seem at there worse He is always there standing beside you. When I was at my lowest I had no idea what I was going to do. I had two kids, a puppy [and] down to my last $10 and sleeping in our car and was almost out of gas. Ex hubby (husband at time) was in county jail. I'd never had to deal with anything like this before...was too ashamed to call friends or family--thought they had disowned me 'cause I'd married bad. Only thing [that] kept me going was praying to God and my kids. Then I was faced with a choice. Did I put my last $10 in the gas tank or buy food. I was desperate, and I told God I couldn't go on that I needed Him to help me. I was tired and hungry....was giving all the food to the kids and just couldnt go on without help.

Last thing I remember I woke up to a beautiful day, drove down the mountain, no idea what was gonna happen but at peace finally. When I got into area where phone would work( but shouldn't have had any money left on it) a strange number kept calling. I was scared to answer, but something kept telling me to. So finally [I] did, [It] was a woman whose husband was in cell with my [husband]. He had given her my number and told her I was a good person [that] I'd never been in trouble. He didn't know how much longer I could keep up.

She had had my number for over a week [but] wasn't sure if [she] wanted to get involved but the night before she woke up thinking about me and couldn't sleep thinking about me. So asked if I'd come to her house and eat and talk. When we met she was just gonna help me, but we decided God had put us together to help each other. I needed a roof and food. She needed someone to help babysit and clean her house and office. God does provide. He also helped me out of an abusive marriage...we are so blessed to have such a loving God. But we have to ask for Him to help.

Comments for article: Scratch the Cat  
Candy Bedford. July 6, 2013.
Loved the article. My husband and myself have been entrusted with the care of several animals during our time together. I also sent several of them to sleep with the hope that they will join us on the front porch of our mansion collectively one day. They've all been rescues from somewhere but the greatest joy has been Joey, a cat, that our former neighbors neglected when they figured out they loved dogs more. He's a different cat in the three years that he's been with us. We're retired or semi-retired in Florida now and he made the trip better than I thought he would. Today he enjoys the simple life of a clean food bowl, fresh water and lounging in the Florida sun or shade. He purrs more, chases lizards and I know he has what he always wanted - a family to love.

Comments for article: End-Life Options
LaVerne. July 1, 2013.
I loved this article. I too will be cremated when the time comes and I am going to look into getting it prepaid as well as I don't want my children to have to deal with it all after I am gone. My sweetheart was cremated and his ashes were divided between my urn and the 4 childrens' urns. I will check to see if my remains would fit in the same urns and when Jesus comes, my husband and I can be raised together. Wouldn't that be glorious??? Thank you again for article.

Comments for article: Summertime
Joan. June 20, 2013.
Love the summertime plan for kids. Thanks for the great article!

Comments for article: Imitating Jesus
Carol Ross. June 12, 2013.
A similar situation occurred to me in a grocery store. With a smile on my face, I told the woman that she was welcome to go ahead of me in line. She hardly knew what to say, but managed a "Thank you"!

Comments for article: Imitating Jesus
Lois. June 5, 2013.
What a beautiful reminder that every encounter matters and though we don't see eternal consequences, God does. It is either His grace growing in us, or it is a witness to someone we may not even know is watching.

Comments for article: Helpful Little Hands
Trina E. Avila. May 25, 2013.
"Mom, remember to only pick up things that are light", my 28-year-old son gently reminded me. "Thank you, mom, for helping me." Those words echoed all throughout the time I helped him and his lovely wife move. As I carried each light item I could not help but remember when he was such a tiny little guy. "Help u mom?" "Yes!" I would tell him. "You are such a wonderful help." Things would break. Things would not make it to their destinations, but it did not matter. He felt like he helped. Yea, it took so much longer, but today I felt a wave of that coming back my way. So gentle, so sweet. It was all worth it!

Comments for article: Heaven's Choir
Jim Rideout. May 20, 2013.
I am a man, 76 years old. I am a deacon in our church, which is a non denominational Bible believing, Bible teaching church.
This past Friday evening we had what is called a shut-in from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. Twelve hours of praying, praising the Lord,  meditation and testimonies. Some people slept off and on for an 1/2 hour or so. I never slept but kept earnestly praying and talking to God, meditating and really trying to make a connection to our Lord. The last 1/2 hour in the morning we fellowshiped and at 6 a.m. we left our church for home. 

My wife and I got home, made a pot of coffee and some toast. I was very sleepy at this time and went to bed, my wife followed me a few minutes later. We both fell asleep immediately. I had maybe slept for 10 minutes or so, when I was awakened by singing which I thought was coming from outside as our bedroom window was open. It was a beautiful sound and I could hear it and the words plainly.

I woke my wife up and asked her where the singing was coming from. She got up to see what I was talking about, listening out the window as I had done. She never heard it, but knowing me for 57 years of marriage, she knew that I was hearing it. It sounded like it came from outside, but as I went outside I could not tell any direction it could be coming from. I went into my back yard and listened, but still could not tell a direction it was coming from. Mind you it was not overly loud, but very beautiful. I wear hearing aids and I even put them on while the song was going on but they made no difference. It did not get louder or quieter.

I then concentrated on what they were singing and to my amazement it was only three lines long and was constantly repeated. I could never do the words justice by singing them. Also it sounded like a choir of voices that was dominated by a male voice. The words they were singing were as follows: The blood of Jesus, The blood of Jesus, The blood of Jesus will never lose its power. And then immediately these same words were repeated in the song. This went on for at least 10 minutes. Finally I lay back down in my bed, still listening to this beautivul singing and fell asleep.

When I next awoke, the singing had stopped. I was so overwhelmed that this had happened. I was hearing it with my ears, as it was not a sound going around and around in my head.

When telling my Pastor about it, he said he believed it to be angels singing to me; a heavenly choir.

I feel so touched by this that I gave a testimony about it the next day, Sunday, but now I feel like I should not have done that, as it seemed like telling others took something personal away that I had with our Lord. I know it would be hard for most people to believe something like this, but I just felt I had to share this extraordinary thing. But in retrospect I wish I had not told anyone. Although I don't care if they think I am a Kook or something of that nature, because I know what I heard and it was so special to me. I well up with tears of joy every time I think about it.

Thank You for allowing me to write this letter as I just wanted to tell someone that might believe me, so after googling around trying to find out if someone other than me had experienced something like this I found your article. Peace in the Lord to you.

Comments for article: Plan for the Future
Betty Kossick. May 14, 2013. 
This article is a practical one..I appreciate the positive attitude about preparing for our needs as we age--and the fun approch for one's passing. Playing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and passing out Cracker Jacks may not be exactly the theme I'd use, but the idea is so creative! So I'm with you. The friends and family who attend the services will love you even more for turning a time of mourning and stress into a time of fun as they celebrate you, one who is obviously a fun-maker. In the meantime, keep adding fun to you llfe, you may make it to 100 with your attitude.

Comments for article: Every Other Friday
Dora Bull. May 9, 2013.
I would like to tell you .. ..I really enjoyed reading about you and your son... that is God at work..... we have a wonderfull Father...He really had to love me to let his son die in my place.. I praise God for my church family....may God keep blessing .... your son and you both.

Comments for Article: The Cross and Forgiveness
Diane Dainton. May 2, 2013.
What is the cross of forgiveness please?

Comments for article: In-between
Jimmie and Angie Painter. Apr 29, 2013.
I love everything you said especially the part about "everything being fine." My wife Angie is a cancer survivor. My aunt was cured by the laying on of hands yet sometime later her husband was given six months and was gone in two weeks. My grandmother raised me. I called her "Mama." She underwent 10 cancer operations from the time I was five or six all the way up till I graduated school and was out and on my way. At 22 I had to give her up and let her rest. She had seen me this far. My sister's oldest was the victim of a brain tumor at age 12. All of these situations left me reeling, wondering why, and totally lain out on my face in the tear soaked dirt. Somewhere in a quiet moment I heard the Master say ... "This is only one chapter of your book. I have recorded many a tragedy and many a miracle in your book. Fear not these dark chapters, for the book is not finished. The best chapter is yet to come." No one knows except Him what is to be written in your book. Take comfort that He will be there with you, and surely as you read this .... the best chapter lies ahead. Take care and God bless.

Comments for article: Teens in Danger
Andrea B. Apr 28, 2013.
‚ÄčThank you for this insightful, educational article. To say I had no idea what teen culture is like in these times is an understatement. Your recommendations are excellent. Teen adventures are a good antidote for the need to test dangerous limits, and can involve both family and friends. Once again, thank you. I will be praying for the power of Jesus to fill our teens and inspire them to that which is truly worthy.

Comments for article: Common Courtesy
Cynthia. Apr 22, 2013.
I loved this little piece on common courtesy. As I grow older I feel a greater need to just make "non-issues" of a lot of stuff that used to result in tempests in teapots when I was younger. Praise God! It's so much easier for all of the parties involved when stinging words, sarcasm and dramatic productions (my old weapons) are laid aside. I particularly like the illustration of the woman looking on her curmudgeonly spouse as a beggar on the street and extending him the same courtesy she would more easily extend to a rude stranger... so true! I also want my children and grandchildren and church family to remember me as someone who was kind and courteous... it helps to do as Steven Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective People) suggests: picture your eulogy being read-- what will it say about you?

Comments for article: Responsible to God
Nadine. Apr 21, 2013.
I never fail to feel blessed when I hear of humane treatment to God's creatures, be they human or animal. I never fail to put my hands over my ears when I hear of callous inhumane humans who will not learn that stewardship is much more than paying tithe! This was a good ending to an otherwise heinous tale. Shame on all who do not understand that their cute animal does not need to breed! Kudos to all who spay and neuter. Thank God for the wisdom and learning displayed by some.

Comments for article: Forgiving Others
Di Panetta. Apr 19, 2013.
What an amazing story! I remember the great Walter Bonatti in my childhood days. He was a great traveller as well as a great mountain climber. More importantly, he was a great human being. In a fallen world people like him rarely receive any credit, but the truth, which only comes from God, will float back. May he rest in peace.

Comments for article: Eat Well, Know God
Olakanmi. Apr 19, 2013.
This is an interesting piece. l wish people would get to know that 'we are what we eat.' That what we are, is determined by what we eat. It also means that if we eat junk food we are likely to be sick and when sick we cannot serve God as we ought. Therefore we are to eat well to live!

Comments for article: Responsible to God
Dawn. Apr 17, 2013.
I'm not a member of your church, but I am a vegetarian and huge advocate for animal welfare. I agree that all creatures are important to God, not just humans. Thank you for saving these helpless kittens. All people should do whatever they can to protect the innocent ones - both children and animals.

Comments for article: Déjouons the enemy!
Ariane Abancourt. Apr 15, 2013. 
I totally agree with your message on praise and I am willing to let God [lead] my friend Stephen, who is seduced by our opponent who is preventing him from giving his heart to his Savior and yet he believes in God. Thank you. Your experience and testimony encourages me. Glory to God in the midst of this situation, Amen Hallelujah.

Comments for article: Ordinary Days
Jeremy. Apr 12, 2013.
This was such an encouragement to read! Thank you for writing it.

Comments for article: Danger of Legalism
Jim Reinking. Apr 10, 2013
Both the letter and the spirit of the law is centered in a loving relationship with Jesus. Being intent on the letter of the law is not contrary to faith in Christ. The more we love Jesus, the more we desire through His grace to live in harmony with His precepts.  I John 2:3 says it for me. "By this we know that we have come to know Him, if we keep His commandments." Obedience to the commandments is the evidence that we truly know Him, for only the one who knows Him is able to keep His commandments.

Comments for article: Scars or Stars?
Icilma. Apr. 9, 2013.
This is so true.  If only I can trust God in every situation things would be much better. He promises that He will guide to the end and I know that my scars will be turned into stars someday if I give Him my best.

Comments for article: Ignored
Lois. Apr 8, 2013.
Thank you so much for writing this! I have seen the effects of exclusion at the school where I work and the nursing homes I visit. Pain is tangible in young people when something happens that sets them apart from their friends. Older folks often crawl deeper into the shells they've built around themselves through the years to try to keep out the pain. I've also seen the joys of inclusion and feeling a part of things.

Comments for article: Football Sandwiches
Tara H. Apr 7, 2013.
This is fantastic. I have found God lets me always be behind or in front of the moms who do a great job and something I failed at. It is good for us. Who knows when we are the ones who indirectly make someone feel bad about something. If you had made those cookies hers would have probably been made of all organic ingredients with cauliflower puree some how involved. 

Comments for article: All of Me
Outgoing. Mar 31, 2013.
Amazing! Thank you Jesus. I'll be sharing this at my next mom to mom meeting.

Comments for article: Love Your Neighbor
Thomas (Sparky) Purcell. Mar 29, 2013.
I know of a man and his family that are so close to ending their lives! They are, in the father's words, "soooo tired"! He and his family have attended the Adventist church, put their children through Adventist schools, and have so heartily tried to serve the church and others. His body was over taken by a severe form of arthritis which after many grueling limb replacement surgeries and little answer for his excessive pain levels, has left him on pain pills, with minimal finances due to his physical inability to work! His beautiful God given gifts and abilities lay nearly wasted! Will someone weep with me for this family? Truly, where were and are the true fathers of the church? Will none in the entirety of the church come the aid of this family to restore and teach them how to even survive?

Comments for article: Old Socks
Betty Kossick. Mar 28, 2013.
The analogy of comparing our sinful condition with old socks is a fine example of our tattered condition. Yet we're promised to be new one day.I appreciate Benjamin's use of the common things of life to illustrate the promises of God. I don't need to be heavily bombarded with theology--that often bogs me down. I need the practical to elevate my thoughts heavenward with understanding. Thank you.

Comments for article: Seeing the Tears
Marva. Mar 27, 2013.
Wonderful illustration. I can see it in my minds eye and agree it is a perfect example of discipline with love.

Comments for article: The Grumpiest Lady
Trish Cooke. Mar. 24, 2013.
I am an aspiring writer to be a warrior writer for The Lord. I am a new Sabbath keeper and new baby in my search for how to write a story about how extraordinary His love can be. I have a beautiful love story to tell and need direction in how to make sure that my writing reflects His love.

Comments for article: The Grumpiest Lady
Grace. Mar 23, 2013.
Sweet story. It made me cry cause I am a writer.

Comments for article: Way in the Wilderness
great full. Mar 22, 2013.
Thank you for posting "Way in the Wilderness." I felt that I was lost in the wilderness and I still do. But you never find your way over night. The devil can take away your hope, or should I say make you feel your hope is gone and that there is no love for you or even in you, but reading this story has made me remember, though I already knew. Thier is a point in everyones life when they need to be reminded. Thank y'all God still loves.

Comments for article: Seeing the Tears
Betty Kossick. Mar 20, 2013
"Seeing the Tears" is such a poignant reminder of the heartache that sin brings upon more than us humans, but upon God and his court as well. Yes, the tears of the cherubim at the Garden of Eden are painful, but even more the tears of God Himself. Do you shed tears for your sin just because of what you suffer, or do you cry tears for how you make God cry? Or that your tears related to your sin caused Jesus to die? Hard questions that we all must answer and care about. Thanks, Lois, for reminding us of how far reaching are the tentacles of sin's pain.

Comments for article: R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Geoff. Mar 13, 2013.
This is a powerful article. I would like to see some from the husband's persepctive.

Comments for article: Anxiety
Anonymous. Mar 9, 2013.
I read this just at the time I needed to be reminded most. After a very challenging last year in many ways, the stress of health and career has really taken its toll. Thank you for the reminder that what really matters in our lives cannot be physically measured. Family, caring for others, kindness, empathy, compassion. These are the true things of value.

Comments for article: R-E-S-P-E-C-T
MeeMee. Mar 5, 2013.
This article inspired me and truly opened my eyes to how I deal with my fiancé as well as others. THANKS.

Comments for article: R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Nicole. Mar 5, 2013.
Lesson learned! Thank you!

Comments for article: Judging Pears
Lois. Feb 26, 2013.
What a powerful illustration. Thank you.

Comments for article: Lost in the Swamp
Laura. Feb 25, 2013.
Sorry about my English. but this inspired me to trust more in God. I am Christian but I need to hear the histories when God said I am still with you; because I LOVE YOU. God bless this man and his family for risk his life. God bless all of you.

Comments for article: Football Sandwiches
Sophie. Feb 24, 2013.
Thank you God for my mom. Even though this sometimes happens, I don't really mind.

Comments for article: Jesus Loves Me
Kim Nethken. Feb 24, 2013.
Jesus Loves Me is truly timeless. There are some new verses for seniors: I hope you enjoy these...

Jesus loves me, this I know,
Though my hair is white as snow
Though my sight is growing dim,
Still He bids me trust in Him.

Though my steps are oh, so slow,
With my hand in His I'll go
On through life, let come what may,
He'll be there to lead the way. 

When the nights are dark and long,
In my heart He puts a song.. .
Telling me in words so clear,
"Have no fear, for I am near." 

When my work on earth is done,
And life's victories have been won.
He will take me home above,
Then I'll understand His love. 

I love Jesus, does He know?
Have I ever told Him so?
Jesus loves to hear me say,
That I love Him every day.

Comments for article: What Is Family?
siran. Feb 22 2013.
Surely a family.

Comments for article: Rejoice, Be Glad
Truda Visman. Feb 20, 2013.
This article is full of encouraging words. The Scriptures given are worth committing to memory. Thank you.

Comments for article: Vows Worth Keeping
Romalyn. Feb 19, 2013.
Great article. Simple yet profound! In my five years of marriage, I am understanding more and more that commitment to the marriage vows is a daily decision based on love for God and  your spouse. May God bless everyone to be committed to their marriage vows.

Comments for article: What Is Family?
Lois. Feb 18, 2013.
What an awesome gift of one week a year to make lasting impressions of love and worth. Your friend may not be able to cause the blind to see physically, but he is opening the "eyes of their hearts" to the love of God. May he be blessed.

Comments for article: Caught Off Guard
Kelly. Feb 16, 2013.
I got chills, because it is so true.  Life is so busy, we must all pay attention to the warnings and be prepared.

Comments for article: Flowers
Cecelia Barnhurst. Feb 10, 2013
Wow! How sweet!

Comments for article: Jesus Was Tempted
Rod. Feb 8, 2013.
So which is the greater temptation to defeat? After 40 days in the wilderness without food and water you have a choice of food and water or a beautiful woman? What is more desirous? My thought is that the woman would have to stand in line for food and water, This means food is a greater temptation to defeat. If you can hi jump 2 meters (food) then 1 meter is no problem (women). Jesus defeated greater temptations than we will ever have to face.

Comments for article: The Waiting Game
MiSonia. Feb 8, 2013.
This is very true. For a long time I've always wanted things when, where, and the way I wanted them. It took a long time for me to learn patience, but at the end it was all worth it. I waited on the Lord and He has blessed my family and I abundantly. I've learned lessons, met people that have been a blessing to my son and I, and I also met a good friend that has decided to bless me with a job. The expression "Patience is a virtue" has definitely been applied to my life lately.

Comments for article: Jesus Was Tempted
Dee. Feb 6, 2013.
So what happens when we give into temptation?? What can we do??

Comments for article: Part of the Flock
Magda Roberts. Feb 4, 2013.
What a cute story! I have a dog, Blue is his name, Boarder-Collie/Blue Healer mix. And he has been a great playmate for my first dog, Rex, a Yellow Lab. My husband and I were always amused how Blue tried to herd Rex, even when swimming in the river. They were playing so hard, and they entertained us for hours--if we only had the time--and have so much fun watching them. I like the analogy pointing out how caring God is toward us. No wonder they say that the word "dog" is meaningful because derives from "God" spelled backward.

Comments for article: Part of the Flock
Joan. Feb 4, 2013.
Well said.

Comments for article: Return to Manufacturer

Japheth Lau. Jan 29, 2013.
AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! God created us He knows how to solve our problems. Yes, we should go to our Creator in prayer if we have any problems. God bless.

Comments for Whooping Cough
Shining. Jan 20, 2013.
When did they stop giving the old type of vaccine? Maybe I am too old to need a booster  :)

Comments for article: My Plans Failed
Chantal. Jan 5, 2012.
There are several points I can relate to. I've been praying for direction and for God to reveal His will and plans. At times, it's discouraging while being patient with every day that goes by.

Comments for article: Old Dog
Linda Miller. Jan 2, 2013.
Fantastic story. Would love to see a picture or two of the Garden of Prayer he designed.

Comments for article: Punked
James Anzelone. Jan 1, 2013
This happened to me at Pioneer Valley Academy. remember it with a smile, now. But it was disconerting at the time. Should we stop doing those types of things? No, it required me to figure out where I really was, how to get back to the campus and probably helped to make me more self reliant as I was growing up. (I was 13 or so at the time) That and being a Pathfinder.


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