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Childhood Games
Photo: Richard Styles
We’ve all played the game. As children it was the most exhilarating game EVER! Simple yet highly methodical and stressful. Someone would be picked to count until 100, which as a small child seemed like forever, and everyone else would run and hide. The anxiety would kick in. Could I find a good place to hide? Would my “perfect spot” already be taken? Would I be the loser to get caught first?

Hide and seek. It’s a concept, a “game,” that still translates to many of us today. Children aren’t the only ones who play this game. A lot of us are still hiding. Hiding from our past. Hiding from our future. Hiding secrets. Some of us are even hiding from ourselves. The truth is that as scary as it sounds to hide, it can be so comforting at times. You can get lost in your “world”, under the bed or wherever your hiding spot may be. You become familiar with it. You become comfortable. You begin to like the thrill of hiding.


But Hide and Seek isn’t just about hiding. There is someone who’s seeking. Someone who’s looking for you. And I think there’s a seeker in every one of us. All of us, whether believers or unbelievers, are looking for something. We are searching for something to fill our void, to give us purpose, to give us happiness. Be it money, be it relationships, be it the perfect job. In the end, we’re all seeking. In the end, you get tired of hiding and you want to start doing the finding and the seeking.

God, in his infinite mercy, seeks us out every day. And I can only hope that one day we can stop hiding and begin seeking God in return. If you need to hide, hide long enough to where you find yourself right in the place where you can be found only by Him, whose seeking is relentless and passionately radical. Or if you feel courageous stop your hiding and start seeking the One person who will never stop seeking you.

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